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6 Reasons Why You Need A Construction Site Security Guard

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


For over 15 years, Pikes Peak Security has been providing Denver and Colorado Springs with top-notch security services. At Pikes Peak Security, our top priority is protecting you, your business, your employees and your customers. As one of the best security companies in Colorado, Pikes Peak Security understands how important it is for companies to keep construction sites secure. Construction sites are extremely vulnerable, and are often victims of theft and vandalism. To help you understand the benefits of professionally protecting your construction site, the team at Pikes Peak Security has listed six reasons why you need a construction site security guard. 

Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard For Your Construction Site

Being in charge of a construction site and everything that happens on your job site can be overwhelming and tiring. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have much time or resources to spend on the security of your construction site. Your company has spent a lot of time and money on your new build, and the last thing you want to worry about is property damage or having your construction fall behind schedule. By hiring a professional construction security guard to protect your construction site, you can deter and prevent a wide array of possible crimes. Some of the reasons why you should hire a construction site security guard include:

  1. Deter Theft
    • On construction sites, you have valuable equipment and tools. Most companies have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, sometimes millions. Usually, you have to leave all of this expensive equipment on the construction site at night after all of your workers go home. By hiring a construction site security guard, thieves will notice you have active security personnel on your premises, and most likely decide to look for an easier target. If someone does attempt to break in and steal something or commit vandalism, your construction site security guard will be able to stop and catch them before they commit any crimes. 
  2. Prevent Unauthorized Individuals From Entering Your Job Site
    • There are a ton of people coming and going from your construction site, from contractors to inspectors, and it’s hard to constantly keep track of everyone. When you hire a security guard for your construction site, he or she will be able to guard the entrances and make sure only authorized individuals are granted access.
  3. Ensure Your Construction Site Is Safe
    • When you’re in charge of a construction site, one of your priorities is making sure you provide a safe environment for your employees, as well as anyone who visits your construction site for any reason. One of the most important benefits of hiring a security guard for your construction site is that they’ll be able to ensure the safety of everyone on the job site. Security guards are usually trained in CPR, first aid and other life-saving practices, and can assist individuals until first responders arrive. 
  4. Prevent Vandalism
    • Construction sites are a big target for vandalism, such as broken windows, graffiti and other destruction of property. Construction sites in areas with a higher crime volume are more susceptible to vandalism due to the location of the new build. Construction site security guards help ensure your construction site is left alone and vandals stay away. 
  5. Resolve Worker Conflicts
    • If an argument or problem occurs between some of your employees for any reason, a security guard will be able to de-escalate the situation and ensure everyone remains safe. Not only will this help keep everyone on track and maintain your building timeline, but it will also help make sure that no property is damaged during the conflict. 
  6. Reduce Liabilities
    • Another great benefit of hiring construction security guards is reducing the risk of potential liabilities. If one of your employees is injured, or becomes sick as a result of working on your construction site, you and/or your company could be held responsible for any damages the employee incurs. Security guards are able to monitor and make sure employees avoid potentially dangerous situations. Some insurance companies even offer discounts to those who employ professional security guards. 

Hire A Construction Site Security Guard From Pikes Peak Security

As a construction company, you have a responsibility to keep your employees, and anyone who steps foot on your construction site, safe. You’re also responsible for making sure that all of the expensive and valuable equipment on your property remains protected and in good condition. Hiring a construction site security guard will help ensure the safety of your equipment, your employees and any visitors. In addition to being trained in emergency situation responses, our team of security guards also has the education and experience necessary to determine if a situation is potentially dangerous for your employees. If you’re interested in learning more benefits about hiring a security guard for your construction site, please contact our team today!