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school security officers

School security officers are an investment in the safety of your students and staff. In addition to providing an immediate response in an emergency, school security officers can help you develop a school safety plan, assist with drills, decrease bullying, and much more. 

Our security guards at Pikes Peak Security all have law enforcement and military backgrounds and complete over 100 yearly hours of ongoing training. They are prepared to handle any situation with professionalism. Their training also includes soft skills, such as customer service, to help set your students at ease.

campus security solutions

From elementary schools to college campuses, Pikes Peak Security has the expertise to secure your school campus. Our priority is to keep your students physically safe and create a comfortable environment through friendly interactions and unobtrusive security measures. Here are some of the ways we can protect the safety of your school environment:

Patrolling the Campus and Parking Lots

Having a security presence on your campus is a great way to deter crime and keep unauthorized people away from school grounds. Pikes Peak Security will monitor security cameras and patrol frequently both in the school and outside to look for any suspicious activity.

Coordinating with Admin and Law Enforcement

School security guards can help develop a school safety plan and coordinate with law enforcement officials in an emergency. Having a qualified security officer who knows the school's layout can help law enforcement plan an effective response to any crisis. Not to mention, our security guards have law enforcement or military backgrounds, so they are well-equipped to coordinate within a team.

Immediate Emergency Response

An on-campus security guard can respond immediately while waiting for first responders to arrive. Pikes Peak Security’s staff have the expertise to make split-second decisions to ensure the safety of your students and staff, from coordinating an emergency lockdown to providing first aid.

Promote Positive Behavior and Decrease Bullying

Our security guards will help promote emotional wellness and physical safety by addressing bullying on school grounds. Our trained staff will also work to build relationships with your students to promote a positive environment.

school safety tips

Your school security officer can assess your safety plan and advise you on areas that can be improved, but here are a few school safety tips to start implementing right away:


Hire a School Security Officer Through Pikes Peak Security

Pikes Peak Security hires the best security guards in Colorado Springs and Denver and ensures they have the training to succeed in any environment. Whether you need security for a school event or to keep your campus safe on an ongoing basis, we’d love to speak with you. 

We’ll start with a school safety assessment to identify areas for improvement. Then, our staff will work with your school administrators to develop an effective safety plan. Our priority in every situation is your students’ emotional and physical well-being. Contact us for a free estimate.