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Embarking on a journey as an Armed Protection Specialist or Protection Specialist with Pikes Peak Security promises an exceptional chance to serve and safeguard your community. Our meticulous application process is tailored to spotlight top-tier candidates, ensuring that our team comprises adept and committed professionals. If you’re eager to join our ranks and meet the prerequisites, we warmly encourage you to take the next step by completing our application.


GUARD Requirements

To be eligible for consideration at Pikes Peak Security, it’s essential to meet our hiring criteria. If you’re currently in the process of fulfilling any of these requirements, we kindly request that you wait until you have completed them before applying. We only review applications from candidates who meet the following qualifications, as we believe firmly in the importance of maintaining a high-quality team. If you have any inquiries regarding the application process, please feel free to reach out to us. The following qualifications must be met:

Must have at least one of the following:

active military or veteran with at least 2-3 years of verifiable military experience - member 4 dd214

law enforcement or corrections background - training records required

security personnel With At Least 2 Years Of Experience

All personnel applying will have to provide supporting documentation and or previous employer references in order to be considered a qualified applicant.



Pikes Peak Security believes in supporting the members of our team. We run a tiered program for each individual’s career progression at our company. There are 3 tiers, and the progression is self-paced and can be achieved through successful performance and the proper mindset. All employees will start in Tier 1 regardless of previous positions held. The overall compensation range is $17.75 per hour to $21.00 per hour. There are unique opportunities available to eligible guards that may have special compensation rates. Yearly performance reviews help determine appropriate raises. To support our employees, you’ll also receive or be eligible for a wide array of benefits.

Disclaimer: Pikes Peak Security does not sponsor work visas.



We are always looking for qualified individuals that would be a good fit for our
company. We ARE NOT always hiring new employees. We generally enter a hiring phase each time we acquire one of our larger contracts. However, we are always accepting new resumes from QUALIFIED CANDIDATES. It is advisable to submit your cover letter, resume, and supporting documentation to our HR department. Applications will be kept on file for up to two years.


apply to pikes peak security, llc

All Applicants: Please allow 5 business days after submitting your paperwork before calling our office. Thank you for your patience!

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.