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Retail Security Guards

As the top security guard company in southern Colorado, Pikes Peak Security has the knowledge and skills necessary to protect your storefront. Retail business owners need a security company that can provide solutions catered to the unique needs of retail businesses. Our one-of-a-kind security services will ensure the safety of you, your customers, your employees, and your business. So to have peace of mind with the protection of your retail business, hire our retail security guards today!
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do i need retail security guards?

Retail crime is at an all-time high across the country, and Colorado is no exception. Unfortunately, one form of organized retail crime becoming increasingly popular is smash-and-grabs. Criminals will smash your windows and displays inside your store, grab whatever they can carry, and run away. In addition to making sure criminals cannot target your store, our security team offers a range of services to help protect you and your business.

importance of retail security

Retail security is paramount when it comes to loss prevention. Hiring professional retail security guards deters thieves from attempting to steal or damage merchandise. Even if you have a video surveillance system in place, it can’t walk the floor or actively check suspicious activity. Retail security guards will benefit your brick and mortar store in many ways, including:
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Minimize Product Loss

One of the most difficult challenges that retailers face is loss prevention. As a retail store owner, one of the best ways to ensure your success is to minimize product loss. By hiring Pikes Peak Security, we’ll integrate security tactics geared toward the needs of your retail store to make sure merchandise is neither stolen nor damaged.
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Improved Customer Satisfaction

When customers see that you’re investing in their safety by hiring a security team, they feel more confident shopping in your store. In addition, having professional security guards in your store automatically will make your customers feel more relaxed and let them know that they can shop with peace of mind.
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Uninterrupted Customer Engagement

Sometimes all of your employees are busy, and unfortunately, this can lead to customers waiting for help. With extra team members in place in the form of security guards, your customers won’t have to wait to have their questions answered. Our security guards will make sure that your customers are constantly happy.

retail security tips

To prevent theft at your business, you can utilize some security measures when our security officers aren’t on site. Criminals target retailers with easy access control and no security professionals present, so it’s essential to use these security tips to help deter being a target.

Even during closing hours, make sure to have a certain amount of light so that there are no unlit areas in your store. Dark spots make it easier for criminals to target retailers without being noticed.

If it’s closing hours or you stepped away from your store to grab lunch and there are no employees inside, you need to lock all of your access points, including all windows.

Thieves will often target stores with unopened registers. Make sure to remove all cash from registers and leave them open when closed so criminals can see that there’s nothing to steal.

invest in our top-tier retail security guard services

At Pikes Peak Security, our priority is protecting you, your business, your employees, and your customers. We’ve developed customizable retail security solutions that will give you peace of mind and prevent criminals from targeting your storefront. Our one-of-a-kind security services will provide access point protection and real-time emergency response.

If you’re interested in hiring the best security team in southern Colorado to protect your retail store, contact Pikes Peak Security today! We’ll answer any questions you have about retail security and create personalized security solutions to cater to the unique needs of your business.