About Us


Pikes Peak Security LLC was founded on the principle of creating an organization that cares about the safety of the community while setting a higher standard for the industry through our experience and customer service focus. Although there are many different companies that provide security services in our region, we at PPS feel that what sets us apart from the rest is our teams experience and professionalism.

Pikes Peak Security LLC is owned and operated by two US Army Veterans with extensive military experience. This experience gives them a strong foundation in understanding security threats, needs, and procedures. However, they also have learned through combined education and experience outside of the military that customer service is also a critical aspect of an elite protection officers’ duties.

At PPS we are not only concerned about the physical aspect of our duties, but we also take pride in being professional, courteous, and customer service oriented.

Our team at Pikes Peak Security LLC will prove that we are the best through our attention to detail and invested interest in the safety and security of all clients and patrons while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere.

At Pikes Peak Security LLC, it is our vision to become the leading provider of security solutions and to raise the industry standards. It is our mission to provide superior quality security services that:

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    Clients recommend to their associates

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    Organizations prefer for their venues and events

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    Employees are proud to work for

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    The community trusts

We achieve this by creating an environment of continuous education within our teams and establishing a respectful, honest, flexible, and attentive working relationship with our clients.

We will continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers and groups expectations.

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