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Nestled in the heart of Colorado, Pikes Peak Security, LLC (PPS) stands as a beacon of unwavering safety and unparalleled service. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), we bring the discipline, precision, and dedication of military expertise to the forefront of security services, specializing in Controlled Access that keeps your spaces secure and serene. With a rich tapestry of over 18 years in military excellence and more than 8 years of deep industry knowledge, our promise is not just security but the assurance that your property is under the vigilant watch of the most reliable guards in the industry.

At PPS, we believe that exceptional security service is not a product but a profound commitment to excellence. This commitment, while it positions us at a premium in the industry, ensures that we deliver nothing short of superior protection and customer service. Our investment is in peace of mind, yours and ours, knowing that every corner of your property is safeguarded by the best in the business.



our three pillars of success

Quality Personnel (2)

Quality Personel

We meticulously select our security professionals, ensuring that each member of our team is not only highly experienced but embodies the ethos of integrity, vigilance, and reliability. Our guards are the cornerstone of our service and are committed to safeguarding your interests with unwavering dedication.

Continuous Training (2)

Continuous training

The landscape of security is ever-evolving, and so is our team. Through rigorous and ongoing training programs, we ensure our personnel are always at the cutting edge of security protocols, technologies, and best practices. This commitment to continuous improvement means that we are always prepared, always responsive, and always ahead.

Innovation Through Technology (2)

innovation through technology

At PPS, we leverage the latest advancements in security technology to enhance our service offerings. From sophisticated surveillance systems to advanced access control and beyond, we integrate cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive security solution that meets the unique needs of each client.


Our Vision

At Pikes Peak Security, we specialize in delivering unparalleled security solutions to businesses facing the challenges of high crime rates and delayed law enforcement response. Our team, composed of highly trained security professionals, offers the assurance and peace of mind that every enterprise deserves, regardless of size.

With a focus on quality, vigilance, and customer-centric service, we’re dedicated to providing a secure environment for your business operations. Entrust us with your security needs, and let Pikes Peak Security be the bedrock of safety your enterprise relies on. Our commitment is not just to protect, but to empower your business to thrive in a secure, worry-free environment

Education & Experience

Our founders believe education and experience are the cornerstone to safety, so our unique hiring process considers Vets, Law Enforcement, and Security Professionals above all others. PPS commits at least 100hrs/yr for training in the latest firearm procedures, practical/tactical handcuffing, and soft skills (first aid, customer service training). In addition, we provide clients with the access to view reports in real time and offer body cams for complete transparency. PPS is ready to safeguard your business and provide peace of mind.

Pikes Peak Security LLC was founded on the principle of creating an organization that cares about the safety of the community while setting a higher standard for the industry through our experience and customer service focus. Although there are many different companies that provide security services in our region, we at PPS feel that what sets us apart from the rest is our teams experience and professionalism.



Providing You With The Security You Deserve

Pikes Peak Security, LLC is owned and operated by two US Army Veterans with extensive military experience. This experience gives them a strong foundation in understanding security threats, needs, and procedures. However, they also have learned through combined education and experience outside of the military that customer service is also a critical aspect of an elite protection officers’ duties.

Our team at Pikes Peak Security, LLC will prove that we are the best through our attention to detail and invested interest in the safety and security of all clients and patrons while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere. We will continue to challenge all our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers and groups expectations. Contact us and experience it firsthand.