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Colorado Employee Termination Security Services

As a business owner or manager, firing an employee is likely high on the list of tasks you wish you didn’t have to do. Whether a worker isn’t delivering on their job requirements or is simply deviating the company from its proper course, the situation is bound to be tense. 

While you hope for a quick and relatively painless interaction, you can’t predict how someone will react to being terminated. For your own safety and that of your employees, it’s ideal to prepare for any outcome with professionally trained security guards from Pikes Peak Security.  

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When is Employment Termination Security Necessary?

Getting fired is a difficult life change that can garner different reactions. When someone loses their job, it can negatively affect their judgment. The stress of the situation may cause them to act irrationally — even if they don’t have a history of violence. 

Take the initiative and get peace of mind by hiring an employee termination security officer from Pikes Peak Security. We’ll streamline the termination process and prevent potentially dangerous outcomes for your Colorado business.

The Pikes Peak Security Employee Termination Process

When initiating a termination, it’s crucial to have policies in place before, during, and after the interaction. Pikes Peak Security will work in accordance with your employee termination checklist to ensure a smooth transition. No one wants to deliver bad news, but being proactive in planning helps negate unforeseen circumstances.

Terminated Employee Checklist

Taking the appropriate security measures when laying off an employee guarantees a desirable outcome for your business. Hiring the Pikes Peak Security team for an employee termination guarantees protection for your workplace:

Review Employee Agreement

Notify HR And Management

Prepare Termination Letter

Collect Company Property

Finalize Payroll Matters

Benefits of Security for Employee Termination

Taking the appropriate security measures when laying off an employee ensures a desirable outcome for your business. Hiring the Pikes Peak Security team for an employee termination provides the following benefits to your workplace:

No matter what happens during an employee’s termination, you can count on Pikes Peak Security to go the extra mile to ensure your safety and satisfaction.


The Best Employee Termination Security Services in Colorado

When it comes to security, there’s no room for error. That’s why at Pikes Peak Security, we go above and beyond to protect your business. We commit to at least 100 hours of training annually in the latest firearm procedures, practical/tactical handcuffing, and soft skills (like first aid, customer service training, etc.). Additionally, we proudly offer over 18+ years of military and 8+ years of industry experience, guaranteeing superior protection for your establishment.

Employee Termination Security Services Colorado Residents Can Count On

Your business has unique needs, and no one understands that better than Pikes Peak Security. Our security guards will meet your every expectation with the utmost professionalism — but don’t just take it from us. Here’s what people in the community are saying about our security services:

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Protect Your Workplace with Pikes Peak Security

Whether you need protection four hours from now or tomorrow, Pikes Peak Security can provide comprehensive security coverage within two hours of signing your contract. Our team will work with your established employee termination procedure for a smooth result. If you don’t already have an employee termination checklist, we’ll help you develop one customized to your business’s needs. For more information about our employee termination security guard services in Colorado, contact us today for a free quote.