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Colorado Stadium Security

If you feel that fan behavior has worsened at your venue or sports stadium over the past few years, you’re not alone. In a 2022 survey of venue directors for the MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL, 65% percent of respondents stated behavior at these events has declined, and tensions over COVID restrictions are high. 

It’s more important than ever before to have highly trained guards at your venue to de-escalate conflict and keep everyone safe. Every guard at Pikes Peak Security has a background in public service and completes 100 hours of yearly training, so you can be confident you’re in good hands.


Risks at Sporting Events

The most common risks at sporting events are alcohol abuse and patron fights. Posting your alcohol and ejection policies can help deter this behavior, but you also need a visible security presence to enforce these policies. Additionally, your stadium security should be prepared for:

Our security officers all have law enforcement, military, or security industry backgrounds. So, they’re accustomed to remaining calm under pressure and putting themselves in danger to defend others.

Sporting Event and Concert Security Services

Our highly-trained security officers will coordinate with event staff on a risk management plan for your concert or sporting event. Our event security services include:

Access Control

Our event security guards are equipped to handle ticketing and entry screening to prevent anyone from entering your event with dangerous items or without purchasing a legitimate entry pass.

First Aid

You likely have a medical tent set up at your venue, but our security guards are fully trained in CPR/AED and life-saving first aid to provide additional support in a medical emergency.

Video Surveillance

We also provide video monitoring services, so we can stay up to the minute on everything happening throughout your stadium. Our guards are also equipped with body cams that you can monitor remotely.

Parking Security

Keeping event parking lots safe can be just as challenging as securing the stadium. Our security officers will enforce parking rules to keep road rage and traffic patterns in check.

Crowd Management

With thousands of people gathered in one place, things can quickly go wrong. Security staff can help direct foot traffic, provide another touch point for lost or confused people, and coordinate emergency evacuations.

Patrol Services

When our services aren’t actively required elsewhere, you can be confident that our guards remain vigilant and patrol the stadium for potential conflict. This allows us to prevent emergencies before they occur.

Stadium Security Company in Colorado Springs & Denver

As a local stadium security company in Denver and Colorado Springs, we’re passionate about making our community safer. People deserve to enjoy a concert or sports game without worrying about their safety, and as a venue director, you want to build a strong reputation as a safe, high-quality place to compete or perform.

To increase demand for your Colorado venue, you need to partner with the best security company — one that can implement an effective safety plan and provide excellent customer service to your fans and VIPs. At Pikes Peak Security, we don’t follow the minimum training requirements for Colorado Security guards. Instead, we more than double the required training hours in both hard and soft skills.


Types of Venue Security

From Rocky Mountain Vibes games to performances at the Pikes Peak Center, we’re equipped to protect a range of venues and events in Colorado Springs and Denver, including:

Event Security Testimonials

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Let the professionals at Pikes Peak Security handle risk management for your next event. We will help you create and execute a safety plan that will leave all of your guests feeling safe and relaxed. From de-escalating conflicts between drunken sports fans to directing evacuations in case of fire or flood, our professional security officers are ready for anything. Contact us today for a free quote.