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As an Arvada resident, you know that your town, with over 4,000 acres of open space and history dating back to the Gold Rush, is so much more than a Denver suburb. With your proximity to the larger city, however, protecting your home, business, or event center should be a top priority. 

While Arvada is still a relatively safe place to live, vehicle theft, burglary, and other property crime is trending upward. Pikes Peak Security offers a range of high-quality security services to help you protect what matters most, from your family to your livelihood.

Benefits of Hiring Security Guards in Arvada, CO

Our Arvada security guards have extensive experience in law enforcement, the military, or the security industry, so they are prepared for anything. So whether you need ticketing support at an Arvada Center performance or want to implement a workplace safety plan at your manufacturing plant, we’d love to help. 


Here are a few benefits of hiring guards from Pikes Peak Security:

Prevent crime before it occurs

Immediate emergency response

Identify and manage risks to your home or business

Arvada Security Services

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Why We’re the Best Arvada Security Company

Pikes Peak Security’s founders used their 8+ years of security experience and 18+ years of military service to build a company they can be proud of. Our three pillars of service are quality personnel, continuous training, and innovation through technology. All of Pikes Peak Security’s staff have public service or security backgrounds and complete over 100 hours of yearly training — well above the industry standard. 

Our mission is to build strong relationships in our Colorado community and be a security provider you can always count on.

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Arvada may have a small-town feel, but proximity to Denver means that your home or business must face the challenges of a much larger city, including rising property crime rates. A strong security presence not only deters crime but ensures that you have immediate support in an emergency. So let’s make Arvada a safer place to live and work. Request a free quote today to learn more about how we can help.