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Pikes Peak Security is dedicated to providing top-notch security services to the residents and businesses of Colorado Springs. From specialized protection services to event security, our team of security professionals are prepared to protect you! In an effort to serve the residents of the community to the best of our ability, we offer the best home security services in Colorado Springs. Our residential security solutions ensure we’re able to protect what matters most to you. When it comes to protecting your home and your family, don’t leave it up to a security system. Instead, hire Pikes Peak Security officers who will watch over your home and make sure you and your family are safe.


residential security solutions in colorado springs

As a veteran-owned-and-operated security company, Pikes Peak Security is proud to offer the best home security services in Colorado Springs. Whether you’re a public figure who needs your home protected, or you manage a gated community and want to protect your residents, Pikes Peak Security is here for you. Some of the benefits of hiring our security professionals for your residential security needs include:

Monitor Home Remotely

If you’re away from your home for whatever reason, Pikes Peak Security has the necessary tools and resources to keep watch over your home and ensure the safety of your property. Our team can also give you daily reports to keep you informed of the status of your house and neighborhood. If a situation arises while you’re gone, we’ll be able to contact you immediately and inform you of any unusual circumstances.
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Crime Deterrence

The main reason why people enlist the services of Pikes Peak Security is to deter any crime from taking place. If you manage a gated community or an HOA neighborhood, you should consider residential security services to keep your residents safe and give them peace of mind. The presence of our professional security guards is extremely helpful in deterring criminals from targeting your neighborhoods.

Quick Patrol Response

With Pikes Peak Security constantly guarding your home or neighborhood, you’ll be able to easily reach a security professional in the case of an emergency. Whether you notice a suspicious individual walking on your block, or you’re worried there may be a potential emergency situation, such as a carbon monoxide leak, our top-tier security professional will address and mitigate the situation immediately.


We value the relationships we create with our customers. Whether someone hired us for a special event or they needed a valuable package delivered, we appreciate every individual who puts their trust in us. To learn why the Colorado Springs community trusts Pikes Peak Security with all of their security needs, please read some of the testimonials we’ve received.

Top-Of-The-Line Home Security Services In Colorado Springs

At Pikes Peak Security, our top priority is protecting you, your family. and your property. Whether you’re a homeowner yourself or you manage a gated community, our home security services should be an essential part of your security strategy. With Pikes Peak Security, you’ll feel confident in the safety of you and your valuables. In the event that a dangerous situation does occur, our security professionals are trained and know how to safely de-escalate a situation and maintain order. If you’re interested in learning more about our home security services, please contact our team today!