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If you manage a hospital, you understand how difficult it is to navigate the security needs that hospitals constantly face. Whether protecting your patients or making your staff feel safe at their workplace, it’s your responsibility to provide security and safety to visitors, patients, and staff. At Pikes Peak Security, we specialize in providing professional security services to medical centers of all sizes. So whether you’re a large hospital or a smaller urgent care center, we have the personnel and training to handle your unique security needs.
Hospital Front Desk


Hospitals have unique security needs and require the help of professional security guards trained in hospital security. When someone thinks of a healthcare facility, they probably think about healing and the customer services they receive as a patient. However, as a hospital manager, when you think of one, you probably think about all of the moving parts in place to ensure that the workplace is safe and runs smoothly.

One of the most critical aspects of ensuring your staff, patients, and visitors feel safe and taken care of is hiring healthcare security officers to patrol your hospital. Hospitals have unique security needs that must be handled by experienced security personnel, like the upstanding security guards at Pikes Peak Security. Some of the unique security demands that hospitals face include the following.

Managing Access To Restricted Areas

Many areas in hospitals are off-limits to patients, visitors, and certain staff members. For example, prescription drug storage, patient information files, and wings with high-risk patients have limited access. By hiring the security guards at Pikes Peak Security, we can guard access points and check credentials to make sure only authorized individuals are allowed into limited access areas.  

Calming Down Upset Patients

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for patients to become upset and even violent when they hear their diagnosis or treatment plan. It’s also possible for visiting family to become anxious and upset when waiting to hear about loved ones. As trained security guards, we have the education and knowledge necessary to speak with upset individuals and de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

Helping Patients And Families

As a high-quality security guard company, Pikes Peak Security goes above and beyond to make sure that the experience for patients is as calm and enjoyable as possible. A trip to the hospital is usually emotional and overwhelming, so we position ourselves at the front lines to make sure that we can help people in any way possible, whether guiding someone to the correct floor or providing a friendly welcome.

Responding To Theft

Because hospitals house an astonishing amount of valuable assets and private information, they’re unfortunately a common target for thieves. Unfortunately, there are many things for criminals to target, from patient data to prescription drugs. Our security guards can protect high-value areas as well as provide an emergency response if someone does attempt theft at your hospital.


Pikes Peak Security prides itself on providing top-notch security services to Colorado Springs and Denver residents and businesses. Whatever your unique security needs, we guarantee that our security guards have the training and experience to handle all of your security concerns. So for the best security on Colorado’s Front Range, hire Pikes Peak Security today!


Pikes Peak Security has the skills to handle the various security situations that your hospital might face. With years of experience and hours of additional training, we can expertly manage any security breach to ensure that everyone inside your facility remains safe. Some of the services we provide for those in the healthcare industry include:
By hiring Pikes Peak Security, you can feel confident that your assets, patients, visitors, and staff will be adequately protected. Whether you’re a hospital administrator concerned about your employees’ safety or you’re a manager who wants to enhance your current security measures, our professional security guards can help you!


At Pikes Peak Security, we understand the complexities of securing a hospital. The best way to ensure the safety and security of all people in your care is to hire a reputable, high-quality security company. With years of experience and additional training, we have the education and skills required to handle all of your security concerns. If you want to learn more about hospital security or hire us to secure your healthcare facility, please call our team today!