Services Offered


Our experienced guards are trained in de-escalation tactics and customer service skills and understand the value of building relationships with your clients. Our guards also go through at least 100 hours of training each year in arrest control, firearms skills, use of force, first aid and basic lifesaving skills, crowd control, and emergency preparedness techniques to be prepared for any situation. We can provide unarmed, armed to include concealed site security during business hours, after hours, or 24/7 protection of your assets and staff against potential threats.

Our guards are equipped with the latest tools and technology, including tasers, OC Spray, radios, body cams, and additional specialized equipment. Our reporting software offers a cloud management component for real-time situational awareness and complete transparency, which clients can access 24/7. All incident reports send immediate notifications to the PPS management for immediate review and assistance. Reports can include pictures and geotag for added documentation. We can add QR scan codes along patrol routes to assure clients that their needs are being met for more permanent locations.

No job is too small or too big for Pikes Peak Security

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Disclaimer: All services provided are subject to local, state, and federal ordinances and guidelines.