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hotel security services

Your hotel guests are typically from out-of-town and are navigating an unfamiliar place. This can make them an easy target for theft and other crime. Part of running a successful hotel is making your guests feel at home, even when they’re not. Keeping your guests and their belongings safe will improve your hotel’s reputation and ensure they will visit again the next time they are in town. Pikes Peak Security’s professional hotel guards will discreetly handle security concerns while providing exceptional customer service to your guests.

hotel security requirements

At Pikes Peak Security, we provide custom hotel security plans to Denver and Colorado Springs companies. Of course, no two security plans look the same, but here are some of the primary hotel security requirements that we will implement:

loss prevention

If a guest’s valuables go missing while staying at your hotel, you are losing repeat business, and your guest may encourage others to avoid your hotel. Our professional security guards can prevent theft by identifying and addressing suspicious activity. We can also help identify weaknesses in your physical security measures and suggest improvements, such as updating locks and security cameras.

access control

Because you have so many guests coming daily, identifying unauthorized visitors can take time and effort. Pikes Peak Security’s guards are highly trained in reading body language and spotting people who are in the wrong place. We can prevent trespassing and theft in staff-only areas and guest rooms through vigilant surveillance.

emergency response plan

Your hotel needs a clear emergency response plan that is communicated to every staff member. Since guests aren’t at your hotel frequently, they may not know where to go in an emergency. Equipping your staff with a plan and providing frequent training helps them stay calm and guide guests in a crisis. Pikes Peak Security staff can help create your response plan and conduct training with your team.

safety and security issues in hotels

The most obvious security issue in hotels is how easily people can slip in unnoticed. Because your guests need to be able to access their rooms at all hours of the day, it can be difficult to keep other people out. In addition to allowing opportunities for theft, this creates an unsafe environment for your staff and guests. 

Another security concern is harassment of your staff by guests or non-guests. Many hospitality workers experience sexual harassment or verbal abuse by guests, whether they work in a bar or at the front desk. The visible presence of trained security can keep everyone on their best behavior, and our guards know when to step in and offer support.

#1 security company in colorado

Pikes Peak Security has provided the best security services in Colorado Springs for over 15 years. We hire experienced security professionals and supplement their existing skill sets with over 100 hours of yearly training. Our guards work in various industries, from retail to finance, so you can feel confident that they are prepared for any situation. In addition, Pikes Peak Security now serves Denver, so we can provide high-quality hotel security in the following areas:

Keep Your Hotel Hospitable with Pikes Peak Security

Part of ensuring that your guests have a pleasant stay is hiring experienced security professionals to protect your staff and guests. Whether you are looking for armed guards in your lobby or unarmed guards to patrol parking lots and common areas, we can help. Our security guards are trained in customer service and first aid to keep your guests safe and comfortable in any situation. Contact us for a free quote and to see how we can help you create a comprehensive hotel security plan.