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Bank Security Guard Services

As one of the best security companies on Colorado’s Front Range, Pikes Peak Security helps ensure your bank, employees, customers, and assets remain safe and secure. Professional security services help protect financial institutions and the valuable assets and large sums of money they have on hand. At Pikes Peak Security, our trained and vigilant security guards have the knowledge and experience necessary to protect banks efficiently.


Banks are at a higher risk of crimes, including theft, vandalism, and robbery. Therefore, our security guards integrate next-generation technology into our services to offer physical and technological security support. In addition, depending on the size of your financial institution and your specific security needs, our bank security guards can provide multiple services, including:


We always prioritize the safety of our clients and do whatever it takes to provide the best security service possible. See what some of our customers say about their experience with our top-notch security services!


According to the F.B.I., there were over 1,700 instances of financial institutions being robbed or burglarized in 2020. Our trained guards provide premier protection to ensure that your bank doesn’t become a part of this statistic. In addition, each officer at Pikes Peak Security takes part in continuous training and completes at least 100 hours of additional training a year to provide you with the best security services possible.

Whether you own a smaller bank or manage multiple bank locations, you can rest assured that our security team has the equipment, education, and training necessary to provide your financial institution with unparalleled security. When considering security solutions, it’s essential to go a step further than installing cameras and make sure you have an on-site security guard equipped to handle your security needs.

By hiring a security guard in addition to your security system, you can have confidence in knowing that your bank, team, assets, and customers are protected in the event of an emergency or security breach. Plus, you benefit from having protection from an experienced bank security guard who knows what type of suspicious behavior to monitor.


At Pikes Peak Security, our professional security guard services help maintain the safety of your clients and employees by creating and executing a security plan catered to your needs. Banks are one of the most targeted businesses, so they require professional security guards who have experience providing security for this type of industry. Some of the top benefits of hiring security personnel with experience protecting banks include:
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Deter Robbers

When a criminal sees that your bank has professional security guards covering the building, they're not going to want to risk getting caught.

Prepare Employees For Emergencies

Our security team can teach your company different red flags to watch out for and what to do in the event of a robbery. We can also introduce safety protocols that will prepare your team for any situation, such as what to do if a thief suddenly blocks an access point to the vault.

Monitor Security Equipment

Pikes Peak Security can monitor your security equipment so you can focus on customer service and helping your employees out on the floor.

On-Site Guards

By having someone already on the scene, you won't have to wait for law enforcement to arrive in the event of an emergency. Instead of waiting and risking the bad guy getting away before law enforcement gets to the scene, our security guards will immediately handle any security breach.



As the premier security company in southern Colorado, we know what it takes to secure your bank. Our bank security guard services combine technology and physical methods to keep banks safe and secure. Criminals often target banks, making it a necessity for you to hire knowledgeable and experienced security guards. So whether you’re interested in hiring a professional to monitor the parking lot or you want to hire security personnel to help your clients feel safe when they visit your establishment, Pikes Peak Security can meet all of your needs.

After establishing the layout of your financial institution and identifying potential security threats, we’ll work closely with both your management team and your employees to create an individualized security plan. No matter what your concerns are, from access control to professional parking lot patrol, our high-quality services will prioritize the safety of your team and customers while providing superior protection for assets and money in the bank.

Plus, we’ll answer all of your security questions and help you decide if unarmed or armed security services are best for you. So, to secure your bank and all of the money it holds, contact our team today!