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As a certified SDVOSB, Pikes Peak Security is equipped to handle all of your government security needs. We are Controlled Access specialists with experience in threat assessment and armed transport. We hire the best local security personnel, many of whom have military backgrounds, so they understand the importance of securing government facilities and restricting access to sensitive information. Our staff undergoes rigorous training in the use of firearms, force operations, first aid, and more. Regardless of the size of your contract, we have the expertise to keep your staff, equipment, and property secure.

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controlled access security

Though we offer a range of security services, Pikes Peak Security specializes in Controlled Access. We will ensure that unauthorized personnel are not admitted into secure areas without prior approval and an escort. Our staff is trained to quickly assess and neutralize any threats to the security of your facility. We will also address suspicious activity immediately to prevent potential breaches. Pikes Peak Security will collaborate with your team to create an effective security plan, which may include counter surveillance, security camera monitoring, and patrols.

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Pikes Peak Security’s core values are quality personnel, continuous training, and innovation through technology. Our hiring process gives strong preference to veterans, former law enforcement, and security professionals with at least 3 years of prior experience. These individuals have already shown their commitment to protecting their community and have valuable skillsets that can be leveraged for government security contracts. Our elite security team then completes 100+ hours of training per year to keep them at the top of their field. Finally, we are committed to finding the best tech solutions to security concerns, from body cams and video surveillance to automatic locks.


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If you are looking for a Colorado private security company to secure your government or public sector facility, contact us today. We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide additional information on our staff and services. Veterans and law enforcement officials understand the importance of protecting privileged information better than most, so trust our team with your next security contract.