Bar Security

As the leading security service provider in Colorado, Pikes Peak Security takes pride in keeping your bar, employees, and customers safe. As a bar owner, you understand how unpredictable each night can be. You deserve to keep your business safe with the highest quality bar security services.

By working with Pikes Peak Security, you can have peace of mind knowing that our bar security guard services will keep your business secure. Our expert security guards have extensive experience creating a safe environment, maintaining a secure space, and scanning for hostile situations. With our premier bar security guard services, Pikes Peak Security is here to keep your business running smoothly throughout the night.

The image shows the back of a male bar security guard. He's wearing a black jacket and the word "security" is written across the back in white. There are colorful lights from the bar in the background.


Bars, such as nightclubs, sports bars, or dive bars, can face hostile situations frequently. With large crowds of people and the presence of alcohol, fights, dangerous situations, and crowd control situations can happen in a moment. So, the presence of professional security guards is the best investment you can make as a business owner. Your customers and your employees deserve to feel safe in your bar. With bar security guard services from Pikes Peak Security, our highly trained staff can handle dangerous situations, intoxicated people, crowds, and much more to keep your bar safe and secure. Other roles of bar security guards include:

  • Managing access to the bar
  • Protecting your business, customers, and employees
  • Controlling crowds
  • Responding to threats
  • Enforcing the rules of the business


At Pikes Peak Security, our well-trained security guards keep your business safe from hostile situations. From crowd control to responding to verbal and physical threats, we designed expert bar security services to maintain a safe environment. We understand that not every bar will have the same security needs, and we will work with you to ensure you have a security plan catered to your requirements. At Pikes Peak Security, you can have peace of mind knowing your bar is protected by skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable bar security guards. Some of the benefits of bar security services include:

Keep Customers Safe

Our bar security services will work to ensure that your customers feel safe and protected at your business. From stopping potentially dangerous situations or fights, the security guards at Pikes Peak Security are trained to keep your customers away from harm.

Have On-Site Security

With bar security services from Pikes Peak Security, you will have an immediate response should something happen. Dangerous situations can happen in an instant, and law enforcement may not show up in time. Pikes Peak Security is here to maintain safety!

Monitor Security Systems

At Pikes Peak Security, our team can monitor your security equipment so you can focus on running your bar, managing employees, and engaging with customers. Let our bar security experts handle the security of your premise so you can have peace of mind!

Protect Your Employees

Our security guards are here to ensure your bar is running smoothly, which includes maintaining your employees' safety. Pikes Peak Security is here to make sure your employees are safe from threats, such as dangerous situations or unpredictable customers.


The safety of your bar, employees, and customers are our top priority at Pikes Peak Security. Hear what some of our customers are saying about our security guard services!



Whether you own a dive bar or a large nightclub venue, Pikes Peak Security is here to give your business the best bar security services. You can rest assured that our expert security staff has the best equipment, training, and knowledge to keep your bar safe. From scanning your bar for unsafe situations to responding to active threats, your safety is our priority at Pikes Peak Security. Our security guards will work with you to ensure we meet your security needs. In a dangerous situation, our trained staff can respond efficiently to keep your business, your employees, and your customers safe from harm.


Keep Your Bar Safe With Pikes Peak Security

Bar owners understand how chaotic it is to manage a crowd, keep customers safe, and deal with intoxicated people. Your customers and your employees expect to be kept safe. Securing your bar with professional security guard services is the best way to keep your business safe from dangerous situations. Plus, if something happens at your bar, you can have peace of mind that trained security experts have you protected.

As the premier security company in southern Colorado, Pikes Peak Security knows how to keep your bar as safe as possible. Our trained security guards are well-equipped to keep your bar secure from threats, control crowds, and respond to dangerous situations. Regardless of what type of bar you own, the Pikes Peak Security team will create a unique safety plan tailored to your security concerns. You can rest assured that your bar, customers, and employees will be safe with our high-quality bar security services. If you have questions about our bar security services, or if you are ready to have Pikes Peak Security protect your bar, contact our team!