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As a bar owner, you know that guests come to your establishment to kick back and have a good time. Late nights and alcohol, however, can create unpredictable and potentially unsafe situations for your employees and customers.

Our high-quality security personnel have extensive experience creating a safe environment and scanning for hostile situations. With our bar security guard services, Pikes Peak Security is here to keep your business running smoothly throughout the night.

The image shows the back of a male bar security guard. He's wearing a black jacket and the word "security" is written across the back in white. There are colorful lights from the bar in the background.


Bars, including nightclubs, sports bars, or dive bars, are the perfect environments for fights and crowd control issues, especially if there is an event that draws a large crowd.

Your customers and your employees deserve to feel safe in your bar. Our bar and nightclub security guards can handle dangerous situations to keep your business safe and secure. We’ll also help with:


Don’t Get Your Liquor License Revoked: ID Checking Importance

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a legitimate and lawful bar or nightclub operation is the diligent checking of IDs to verify the age of patrons. The benefit of hiring professional security guards to perform this task cannot be overstated.

Colorado takes selling alcohol to a minor very seriously, so it’s important you take every precaution you can to ensure your bar or nightclub is diligent in checking IDs.

A failure in this area can lead to severe consequences, including:

Fines from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the circumstances

Suspension or revocation of your liquor license

Reputational damage in the public eye

Increased scrutiny from law enforcement


At Pikes Peak Security, we know that not every bar will have the same security needs, so we’ll work with you on a custom security plan. Some of the benefits of bar and club security services include:

Keep Customers Safe

Our security guards will work to ensure that your customers have a good time from start to finish. From de-escalating fights to patrolling your parking lots, our bar security guards will ensure everyone gets home safely.

immediate emergency Response

You will have an immediate response should something happen. Unfortunately, dangerous situations can occur in an instant, but with Pikes Peak Security, you don’t need to wait for law enforcement.

Monitor Bar Security Systems

At Pikes Peak Security, our team will monitor your security equipment so you can focus on running your bar, managing employees, and speaking with customers.

Protect Bartenders and Waitstaff

Our security officers are here to ensure your bar is running smoothly, which includes maintaining your employees’ safety. We’ll stay vigilant regarding problem customers and coordinate with your staff to step in when necessary.


Pikes Peak Security, one of Colorado’s leading bar security service providers, recognizes the unique challenges and responsibilities of security within the nightlife industry. Based in Denver and Colorado Springs, our security services for bars and nightclubs revolve around three core principles:


The safety of your bar, employees, and customers are our top priority at Pikes Peak Security. Hear what some of our customers are saying about our security guard services!

Bar Security Frequently Asked Questions

Bar security, also known as bouncers or doormen, are responsible for checking IDs, maintaining order, protecting property, and intervening in conflicts or illegal activities.

Training varies by location and might include conflict resolution, first aid, responsible service of alcohol, self-defense, and awareness of local laws.

Licensing requirements vary by jurisdiction. In many areas, security personnel must obtain a license or certification, often involving background checks and training.

Policies on searching patrons vary and must comply with local laws. Patrons might be searched for weapons or illegal substances, but it usually requires clear policies and/or signs stating such practices.

  • Arrest control
  • Crowd control
  • Firearms skills
  • First aid and basic lifesaving skills
  • Use of force

All of our guards are certified in firearms, we follow the curriculum of a few NRA courses, and we also incorporate several hours of training in dynamic scenarios that each guard could face in real life. Also, our guards are trained in less-than-lethal options such as Taser and OCAT for those circumstances that may be needed. Finally, although we hope to never have to utilize it, a handcuffing Technique called PATH is taught nationally. All PPS training standards are reviewed annually and assesed to make sure we are on top of our game at industry standards. At PPS, we believe in high-quality training, which makes for high-quality performance.

Intoxicated patrons might be refused service, asked to leave, or provided with assistance in finding transportation home. Handling such situations requires sensitivity and training in alcohol laws.



Business owners in the hospitality industry understand how chaotic it is to manage a crowd, keep customers safe, and deal with intoxicated people. Securing your bar with professional security guard services is the best way to keep your business safe. Plus, if something happens at your bar, you can have peace of mind knowing that trained security experts have your back.

As the premier security company in southern Colorado, Pikes Peak Security knows how to keep your bar safe. Regardless of what type of establishment you own, the Pikes Peak Security team will create a unique safety plan tailored to your security concerns. If you have questions about our bar security services or are ready to have Pikes Peak Security protect your bar, contact our team!