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On-Site Security Services in colorado springs

Hiring on-site security is one of the best ways to ensure your employees and customers are safe. Whether you require a team of security officers to monitor an office holiday party, or you only need one security guard to supervise daily activities, Pikes Peak Security is equipped with professional and reliable security services to satisfy all your needs. Here at Pikes Peak Security, we understand every business has different security needs. Our security services are designed to provide easy and efficient protection for any business and fulfill every requirement our clients have. 

A man with a shirt that says "security" across the back is standing at the entrance of an event and watching all the attendees entering the event.

what is on-site security?

On-site security is an important way of ensuring your customers, your business and employees are safe. When you choose to employ on-site security, one or more expertly trained Pikes Peak Security officers will safeguard the premises of your business and deter any potentially harmful situations. On-site security enlists all the necessary components to keep your business secure, including boundary and perimeter control, a strong presence of security and reliable, friendly customer service at all times. Having trained, professional guards can prevent possible theft, vandalism, property damage and unanticipated situations, such as fires.

benefits of on-site security

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Prevention of Miscellaneous Crimes

Enlisting Pikes Peak Security for on-site security can greatly reduce the chances of internal and external crimes against your business. Our professional security services will constantly monitor all potential threats against your business, such as theft, vandalism and loitering. Pikes Peak Security officers are specifically trained to recognize suspicious activities and take immediate action to de-escalate harmful situations . With on-site security, you can trust that any potentially detrimental activity towards the business will be immediately stopped.

Excellent Customer Service

In addition to preventing crimes in the workplace and providing a safe and secure environment, on-site security is an excellent way to improve your customer service. The professional security officers at Pikes Peak Security can offer help with customer and employee parking, as well as greeting incoming customers and directing them towards the correct department or office. Not only will this help eliminate the need for more staff, but it will also allow you to exceed your customers' expectations and truly fulfill all their needs.


When you choose to hire on-site security for your business, you are also choosing to enhance team efficiency. Pikes Peak Security services are able to aid in monitoring visitor access, addressing concerns and the general activity of your business throughout the day. Enabling on-site security will help your employees by allowing them to focus all their energy on their work without any distractions. By shifting some responsibilities towards on-site security, your team will be able to run more efficiently and smoothly.


what our services include

Here at Pikes Peak Security, we ensure our clients receive the best protection. When you choose Pikes Peak security, you will receive customized and professional top-of-the-line security services. Our on-site security includes a security team that is expertly trained in CPR, first aid, firearms, crowd control and de-escalation tactics. Our security officers are able to defuse detrimental situations with a multifaceted approach. We equip our security officers with the most up-to-date technology like body cameras and cloud data management. Our team will implement necessary safety standards, such as emergency exit strategies, and will enforce safety rules. We offer on-site security for an array of businesses including medical offices, construction sites, banks and more. It is our mission to guarantee the safety of businesses, patrons and employees in Colorado Springs. Contact us today to learn more about our top-of-the-line on-site security services in Denver and Colorado Springs!