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Security for Places of Worship

As Americans, we count on our freedom of religion and believe it’s worth defending. Whether you worship in a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, you deserve to feel safe and secure while observing your religion. At Pikes Peak Security, we hire the best security guards who understand how to create a comprehensive safety plan and monitor your entire facility. We know that you have multiple areas that need to be protected, from children’s classrooms to areas where valuables are stored. Our friendly staff will ensure that your congregants feel comfortable and remain undisturbed while worshipping. We can also help provide security for special events. No matter what security services you need, Pikes Peak Security is here to protect your place of worship.

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benefits of religious security

When you hire a security team for your place of worship, you hope they will never be needed. At Pikes Peak Security, we will help you create a proactive safety plan to prevent incidents before they occur. In the unfortunate situation where there is a security threat, our team’s priority is de-escalation and keeping everyone safe. However, we will take swift and decisive action when needed. Here are a few of the benefits of working with Pikes Peak Security for your religious security needs:

security assessment

When we join your security team, we will take the time to evaluate your current safety plan and suggest improvements. Small steps, such as keeping children’s classrooms locked during worship and communicating your safety plan with staff and volunteers, will go a long way toward protecting your facility.

drills and training for staff

Many religious institutions rely on volunteers to help run worship services, but they may not understand or be aware of your safety procedures. Pikes Peak Security can help conduct safety drills, such as evacuations and lockdowns, so that everyone who keeps your facility running is equipped to handle an emergency.

prevent disruptions

If someone becomes agitated or confrontational during a worship service, Pikes Peak Security can discreetly and safely remove them from the area. Our team will focus on de-escalating the situation so that your service can continue uninterrupted.

Monitor Facility for Safety

During services, our staff will regularly patrol your sanctuary, parking lots, children’s rooms, and other sensitive areas. This allows us to respond to suspicious activity as it occurs and gives you and your staff peace of mind. If a security threat does occur, we will provide an immediate response, which can save lives.

non-profit security grant through fema

Are you interested in improving security for your place of worship but worried that it’s not in your institutional budget? Every year, the Federal Emergency Management Agency offers grants to non-profit organizations for target hardening and emergency preparedness. Funds can be used for equipment, training, security operations, and more. Pikes Peak Security would love to partner with you in developing an effective emergency response for your organization.


Protect Your House of Worship with Pikes Peak Security

Our expert security guards undergo over 100 hours of training per year, including armed guard training, first aid, and customer service. We understand the importance of handling disruptions to your worship service with discretion and will always treat your members with compassion and respect. At Pikes Peak Security, we only hire guards with military or law enforcement backgrounds because they have demonstrated their willingness to sacrifice their own safety for others. Don’t trust your congregation’s safety to just anyone. Contact Pikes Peak Security today to discuss how we can serve you.