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Dangerous situations can arise in an instant, leaving you and your property at risk. Pikes Peak Security offers high-quality security services, so you can be confident that your most valuable assets are protected.



Protect Your Colorado Home, Events, Or Business From…

Pikes Peak Security offers expert residential and commercial security services to help you secure what matters most. Whether you own a small business or simply live in a high-crime area, you deserve to feel safe in your own space. Let our highly trained security professionals help.

property damage

verbal or physical threats

theft and inventory shrinkage

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Tell us a bit about your security needs, so we can provide an accurate estimate. We’ll ask about things like duration of services, unarmed vs. armed, and location.

Get your Custom Plan

Our elite security professionals will create a custom safety plan for your home, business, or event and review it with you.

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Our team will handle the rest. We’ll ensure your home or business is protected, so you can focus on other priorities.

What to Expect From Our Construction Site Security Guards

Security cameras can only do so much when you’re out thousands of dollars, equipment is gone, and so are the burglars. Cameras notify you after it happens — on-site security guards stop it before it does. Here’s what to expect when you call our guards.

Pikes Peak Security Officer Requirements

Dedication. Excellence. Experience. These are just some of the qualifications that Pikes Peak Security expects in our security guard candidates. We are striving to raise the bar for the industry with our high-level entry requirements. Pikes Peak Security only hires protective officers with:

Several years of military experience

Law enforcement background with specialized training

At least three years of experience working as a protection officer

Our Colorado Security Guard Training Partner

At Pikes Peak Security, we’re dedicated to training our security personnel to ensure they’re ready for any challenge that may come their way. That’s why we use Defencify as our go-to security guard training partner.

We commit at least 100 hours a year to training in the latest firearm procedures, practical and tactical handcuffing, and soft skills like first aid and customer service training. Defencify is known for its in-depth security training courses and plays a pivotal role in our training process.

Veteran Owned & Operated Security Company in Colorado

Pikes Peak Security is founded on 18+ years of military service and 8+ years of security guard industry experience. Our industry experience and high-quality employees set us apart from other security guard companies in Denver and Colorado Springs. We are NOT a low-cost security provider, but if you need Colorado’s finest protecting your company or event, you can rely on Pikes Peak Security.

meet the founder

Adrian Smith has 10 years of experience in the US Army, which included three combat tours in hostile areas of the Afghanistan Region and a special detail in Turkey. Throughout Adrian’s Army career, he participated in many domestic and international training scenarios, where he learned techniques and practices for strategic operations.

After Mr. Smith’s ten-year career, he focused on his education and worked as a freelancer and an employee in the protection industry. When Adrian is not performing work duties, he spends time with family and conducts training sessions.




Providing You With The Security You Deserve

As the best Colorado security agency, we take a customized approach to every job, and we are proud to serve both the Colorado Springs and Denver areas. Our dedication to quality and professionalism shines through with every situation we handle. We offer diversified security services, firearms training, medical training, education and more. Experience the difference that high-quality courses, innovative technology and expert staff make, and hire Pikes Peak Security today.