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Pikes Peak Security LLC was founded on the principle of creating an organization that cares about the safety of the community while setting a higher standard for the industry through our experience and customer service focus. Although there are many different companies that provide security services in our region, we at PPS feel that what sets us apart from the rest is our teams experience and professionalism. Our company objective is safeguarding your business, your investment, and providing peace of mind. Pikes Peak Security will always provide professionally trained and experienced protection officers for our clients while providing a multi-disciplined approach to all their security needs, large or small.

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Welcome to Pikes Peak Security, LLC – one of Colorado’s best security service providers. One of the biggest reasons that our company and services set the standard in the security industry is our hiring practices. We hire only the best protective specialists in the community!. Pikes Peak Security, LLC only hires protective officers that were prior Military Combat Veterans or Law Enforcement POST Certified Officers with special tactics training, and protection officers with a minimum of 3 years of verifiable experience. See our careers section for more information about our hiring process and requirements.

The reason our standards are so intensive is to ensure that our clients and the community are getting most knowledgeable, mature, experienced, and responsible personnel protecting your property or event. All our officers are trained not only to address security concerns, but also in providing excellent customer service and de-escalation tactics.


Providing fixed-site static security to full-time contracted brick & mortar clients, such as (stores, pharmacies, offices, construction sites, film sets, VIP movie premiers, etc.)


We provide security to events (large & small) such as sporting events, gun shows, music concerts, fairs, church events, boat shows, festivals, grand openings, etc.


We can tailor a security solution to discreetly safeguard personnel and property at your home or residence against varying threats. We can also provide safety and security for Gated and Planned Communities.


We can assist your organization in employee termination assistance. If it is expected that a termination may become confrontational, you need a trained security professional on site. We also provide long-term, onsite Officers to mitigate unforeseeable issues of disgruntled former employees returning to your location to cause a disruption.


We can provide safe and secure transport of valuables to a location designated by the client. From large sums of monies, valuables to important documents.


We provide Executive Protection and risk mitigation for clients that require professional protection on the job site, at special public functions, or even on their own property. Our Executive Protection Agents have special military, governmental and law enforcement skillsets and experience that assure the upmost protection for our clients.

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Pikes Peak Security officer requirements

Pikes Peak Security, LLC only hires protective officers that were either:


Military Combat Veterans or Military with several years of experience (which could be considered a substitute without a deployment)


Law Enforcement background with specialized training


Protection officers with a minimum of 3 years of verifiable experience