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Pikes Peak Security is founded on 18+ years of military service and 8+ years of security guard industry experience. Ensuring excellence in everything we do, our team of local and professional security guards undergo 100 hours of rigorous training every year. We only hire experienced personnel from the military, law enforcement backgrounds, or people who have been in the industry for at least three years. The high-quality employees on our team are what set us apart from other security guard companies in Colorado Springs and Denver. We strive to raise the industry’s standards across Colorado’s Front Range as your premier security company. Hire Pikes Peak Security today to see the difference.


AboutPikes Peak Security, LLC

As one of Colorado’s best security guard service providers, Pikes Peak Security understands the importance of professional, thoroughly trained security guards. Dangerous situations can arise seemingly out of nowhere. Having high-quality, expert personnel can be the difference between a tense encounter escalating into an emergency or a controlled situation being resolved. Pikes Peak Security implements three pillars of success in all of our services:

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Pikes Peak Security Officer Requirements

Dedication. Excellence. Experience. These are just some of the qualifications that Pikes Peak Security expects in our security guard candidates. We are striving to raise the bar for the industry with our high-level entry requirements. Pikes Peak Security, LLC only hires protective officers that were either:

Active Military Or Veteran With Several Years Of Experience

Law Enforcement Background With Specialized Training

Protection Officers With At Least Three Years Of Experience




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As the best Colorado security agency, we take a customized approach to every job, and we are proud to serve both the Colorado Springs and Denver areas. Our dedication to quality and professionalism shines through with every situation we handle. We offer diversified security services, firearms training, medical training, education, and more. Experience the difference that high-quality courses, innovative technology, and expert staff make, and hire Pikes Peak Security today.