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shopping mall security

At Pikes Peak Security, we understand that shopping malls experience unique challenges that a typical retail security plan cannot address. With more area to cover and multiple shops to protect, mall security guards must be constantly vigilant and develop a comprehensive security plan. If you own or manage a shopping center, preventing theft and damage to storefronts is in your best interest. Quality tenants will seek out safe and secure locations for their employees and customers. Make your mall the go-to place in Colorado Springs or Denver with security services from Pikes Peak Security.

The image shows a security guard patrolling a bank.

shopping mall security procedures

The best security procedures for your shopping mall will depend on the challenges you’re facing. Pikes Peak Security can help assess potential threats to your mall or shopping center and help you develop a mall security plan. Here are the most common security concerns for malls:

Pikes Peak Security will help you develop effective procedures to address each of these issues. Your custom security plan could include updating and monitoring your CCTV cameras, reviewing evacuation and lockdown procedures with tenants, and frequent patrolling inside and outside the mall.

duties of a mall security guard

The duties of a mall security guard are far-reaching, but here are a few of the services we provide to our clients at Pikes Peak Security:

Patrol the property

Patrolling mall property, including stores, common areas, and parking lots, is one of the most important responsibilities of a mall security guard. Not only does this allow us to monitor for suspicious activity, but having visible and attentive security guards can deter shoplifting attempts and other crime.

respond to emergencies

In the event of an emergency, Pikes Peak Security’s armed guards can provide life-saving guidance and a sense of calm. Our guards are trained in first-aid and active shooter response, so they are ready for anything. Our guards can also coordinate with first responders when they arrive.

provide customer service

Keeping your customers safe is our top priority, but we also want them to feel comfortable while they shop. All of our security guards go through customer service training so they can partner with your associates to offer the best possible shopping experience.

monitor surveillance equipment

You probably already have surveillance equipment, but you may not have the staff to monitor live footage. We can help you keep tabs on entrances, common areas, and storefronts and provide a quick, coordinated response to suspicious behavior.

mall security training

Our security guards at Pikes Peak Security go through extensive yearly training. In addition to annual training to renew their guard licenses, we provide 100 hours of supplemental training to keep them at the top of their field. This training includes firearms training, CPR and first aid certifications, customer service, and other in-demand skills. We also exclusively hire veterans, former law enforcement, andor experienced security professionals so you can be confident that your mall or shopping center is protected by the best.


Secure your Shopping Mall with Pikes Peak Security

Contact Pikes Peak Security today if you’re ready to ensure the best possible experience for your tenants and customers. We’ll discuss the needs of your shopping center and provide a free quote for our services. We look forward to creating a mall security plan that addresses your unique concerns. Breathe life back into your mall or shopping center by supporting your tenants’ efforts to provide a safe and enjoyable shopping experience.