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wedding security services

You have the dress, the food, the venue, and the flowers, but you may not have considered hiring a wedding security guard. Whether you need wedding security is affected by venue size, the number of guests, and vendor requirements. Some venues require security for weddings with a certain number of people, for example. 

Even if you aren’t required to hire security, it may be worth considering for your peace of mind. No bride or groom wants to be in charge of crowd control or realize after the wedding that a gift was stolen. Let Pikes Peak Security keep you and your guests safe so that you can enjoy the most important day of your life.

A man with a shirt that says "security" across the back is standing at the entrance of an event and watching all the attendees entering the event.

wedding security services near me

Pikes Peak Security provides the best event security services in southern Colorado, including Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding areas. Whether your dream wedding is at the Broadmoor, Garden of the Gods, or an intimate ceremony by Palmer Lake, we can help. Protect your guests and carefully laid plans by having on-site security at your wedding reception.

benefits of on-site security

Wedding security guards need to be friendly, alert, and discreet. Though you want potential wedding crashers to know security is present, you don’t want to make your guests uncomfortable or have your wedding overshadowed by an improperly handled security incident. Therefore, we train Pikes Peak Security staff to go above and beyond by helping facilitate your event and treating your guests with the highest level of courtesy. Here are a few of the benefits of working with Pikes Peak Security for your wedding:

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crowd control

Your wedding day is a celebration you’ve been planning for months or even years. Naturally, you want your guests to enjoy themselves, but sometimes festivities get a little out of hand, especially if there’s alcohol involved. Pikes Peak Security can care for your guests who have been drinking and de-escalate any potential conflicts. We can also help direct your guest from the ceremony to the reception and assist with parking.

theft prevention

Pikes Peak Security will work hard to protect your guests’ belongings and wedding presents from walking away while everyone’s distracted. We will periodically patrol the venue for suspicious activity and discretely deal with incidences when they occur.

guest selection

You have a carefully selected guest list with all your friends and family members, but that doesn’t always stop uninvited guests from showing up. Pikes Peak Security can monitor entrances and check-in guests when they arrive. These precautions will prevent wedding crashers or jealous exes from ruining your special day.

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first aid

All our staff keep up-to-date on first-aid and CPR certifications, so we can assist until first responders arrive if there is an accident or medical event. This is especially important with outdoor weddings, where your guests may be exposed to the sun for an extended period.


trust pikes peak security to guard your wedding day

At Pikes Peak Security, we provide our security guards with over 100 hours of professional training annually to prepare them for anything. In addition, all our staff have prior experience in law enforcement or the military and bring those high standards to every event. With wedding security services, we prioritize the experience of you and your guests and want to help make your day as memorable as possible. Contact Pikes Peak security today for a consultation or to book security services for your wedding.