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The presence of professional security guards is the best way to keep yourself, your business, and, most importantly, your customers safe. Traditional security guard services provide peace of mind through on-site, residential, and event security services to your home or business.

Over the years, Pikes Peak Security has become one of the best security providers in Colorado. Combining our military background and security industry experience has allowed us to create a security company that proudly protects the individuals of Colorado Springs and Denver. We also offer premier training for those who are interested. If you need help in these areas, Pikes Peak Security is here for you!


Benefits of Traditional Security Guard Services

Deter Crime

Even the visible presence of security guards can deter potential criminals, including theft, vandalism, assault, and other disruptive activities.

Customer Service

Security guards help promote an environment of safety, as they can help with directions, accompany employees or customers to their vehicles in the dark, and help with first aid until professional medics arrive on the scene.

Knowledge of Premises

Traditional security guards have a thorough understanding of the layout of the premises, directing first responders to the exact location where they are needed.

Human Intervention

Traditional security guards, as opposed to electronic security systems, can make judgment calls based on intuition and situational context.

Peace of Mind

Having security guards present can provide a feeling of safety for employees as they go about their business, knowing there is someone there to protect them in an emergency.

Our Security Services

Comprehensive security solutions for property managers, residents, and business owners are what we do best at Pikes Peak Security. Check out the range of services we offer in detail below.



Providing You With The Security You Deserve

At Pikes Peak Security, our priority has always been to provide unparalleled security services to the Colorado Springs and Denver communities. We understand the importance of our jobs and continuously invest in our training and education to ensure we know the latest security techniques and tactics. Are you interested in learning more about our team and traditional security services in Colorado? Contact us today!