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Principles Of Concert Security

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

The background of this graphic is a security guard wearing a vest that reads "event staff" standing on the grass at a large concert venue. There's a dark overlay and then in the center of the graphic is the title of the blog, which reads "Principles Of Concert Security".

One of the most integral aspects of holding a successful and safe concert is hiring an experienced concert security team. Concerts usually take place in large arenas, making it nearly impossible to provide sufficient security without the help of professionals. So even if you’re in the process of planning a smaller concert, it’s still crucial to have a security team with industry experience in place. 

As one of the most sought-after security companies in southern Colorado, Pikes Peak Security has the experience and education necessary to protect everyone attending your concert. Whether you have a hand in hiring security guards for music festivals or you want to hire a security team for a venue you manage, our security personnel can provide you with high-quality security services. To find out more about concert security and what it entails, keep reading the rest of this blog!

The image shows a security guard wearing a yellow vest with the word "staff" on the back standing guard and watching over a large crowd at a concert. You can also tell that it's raining because all of the attendees are in raincoats.

What Are The Safety And Security Concerns Of A Concert?

Special events, such as concerts, are incredibly fast-paced and crowded, creating more chances of security threats. For example, some of a concert’s primary safety and security concerns include an out-of-control crowd, deadly threats, and security breaches by obsessive fans.

Concerts draw huge crowds, and it only takes a second for these crowds to become dangerously rambunctious. If a crowd begins to behave out of control, there’s a high risk of trampling, which can cause severe injuries and even deaths. In addition, concerts are one of the prime targets for terrorist threats. Because there’s such a large crowd in one place, criminals and terrorists attack concert venues because one attack can cause extensive damage. 

Another safety concern at concerts is overly excited fans doing anything to reach the artist. People may try to jump barriers, wrestle security guards, and even start fights with other attendees to get attention from the artist. To keep the artist, band, and any attendees safe, your security team needs to integrate a security plan that deters people from attempting to reach the artist. 

The image shows a concert with a humongous crowd in attendance. It seems to be nighttime and there's fireworks going off.

Concert Security Responsibilities

When providing security services on such a large scale, there are specific tasks that your event security team will prioritize to ensure the safety of everyone present. By integrating these security measures, your security team can feel confident in their abilities to perform their jobs.

  1. Guard Exits
    • One area of great concern at any event, including concerts, is the exits. Your event security team will ensure that all concert attendees can exit safely, especially in an emergency. When there are many people at an event, it’s easy for the exits to bottleneck, making it difficult for people to leave. Your security guards may prepare for an emergency evacuation by running drills where they open the exits quickly and rush people out.
  2. Efficient Communication
    • No security team is complete without a well-thought-out communication strategy. Without a solid communication plan, it’s hard for security guards to perform their job correctly, especially during an emergency. Therefore, when speaking with potential security consultants, they should have strategies for communicating with attendees, you, and each other.
  3. Parking Management
    • If you’ve ever attended a concert or sporting event, you know how overwhelming and dangerous it is to navigate the parking lots. One of the primary responsibilities of your concert security team is ensuring the safety of people as they find a parking spot, making sure no one who seems intoxicated is getting behind a wheel, and navigating people leaving the lot at the end of the event.

The image shows a security guard at a concert standing toward the back of the crowd and watching over everyone in attendance.

Hire Pikes Peak Security For Your Next Concert

Whether you manage an artist having a concert in Colorado Springs or you own a concert venue in Denver, our team of top-notch security professionals is ready to provide you with exceptional security services. No matter the size of the venue and the number of attendees in the audience, Pikes Peak Security has the equipment and experience to provide the best concert security that southern Colorado has to offer. To learn more about our concert security services, contact us today!