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What Is Retail Security?

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

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To keep your storefront as secure as possible, hiring experienced retail security guards is essential. Retail locations are a prime target for criminals, regardless of how large your store is. So even if you have a security system installed, hiring professional security guards will ensure there’s someone to monitor your store actively and pay extra attention to suspicious individuals. 

As the leading security company in Colorado Springs and Denver, Pikes Peak Security professionals have the experience and knowledge to provide you with efficient security solutions. With our years of industry experience, we can implement security strategies to protect you, your employees, customers, and merchandise. Keep on reading to find out more about retail security and its importance.

Responsibilities Of Retail Security Guards

Besides responding to security breaches, retail security guards have many responsibilities that help protect your store and everyone that visits. Depending on your unique security needs, some of the duties of a retail security guard may include:

  • Patrol Premises
  • Handle Security Threats
  • Monitor Access Points
  • Respond To Emergencies
  • Circulate Among Visitors
  • Operate Security Cameras
  • Manage Large Crowds
  • Improve Customer Relations
  • Secure Cash Transfers

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Importance Of Retail Security

As a retail store owner, you have a higher chance of being a victim of theft. According to the National Association For Shoplifting Prevention, more than $13 billion worth of goods is stolen every year from retailers. However, the more security measures you have in place, the more likely you will avoid becoming a part of this statistic. Hiring professional retail security guards who know how to protect you and your store has many benefits, including:

  1. Peace of Mind
    • By hiring professionals to secure your retail store, you’ll be able to focus on your employees and customers and leave the security to the professionals. You can quickly spread yourself too thin by worrying about theft and security breaches on top of running a store, managing your employees, and taking care of your customers. Implementing professional security services will help your customers feel calm as they shop and give your employees peace of mind that they’re safe while at work.
  2. Immediate Response
    • One of the best benefits of having professional security guards at your retail store is that they can immediately respond to security breaches or emergencies. When hiring security guards, hire a company that requires its security personnel to undergo CPR and other crucial emergency procedures. This way, your security team will be able to respond swiftly to security matters and other emergencies.
  3. Deter Crime
    • Having a physical security presence dramatically decreases the chances of criminals targeting your store. When looking for a target, thieves try to choose somewhere they think they could steal from or vandalize without being caught. Once a potential thief sees that you have security guards patrolling your store, they won’t want to risk the chances of stealing from you.

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Protect Your Retail Store With Pikes Peak Security

Whether your store is large or small, you must hire professional security guards to protect you, your staff, customers, and merchandise. At Pikes Peak Security, our experienced guards have the training and experience needed to efficiently respond to any situation, whether related to security or not. If you want to protect your store as much as possible, it’s time to contact our team and hire our retail security guards.