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Denver event security

Denver Security Guards to Protect Your Special Event

Pikes Peak Security offers event security services for the Denver community. Whether you’re throwing a concert at Summit Music Hall or you’re the manager of Ball Arena, we have the tools and resources to make sure you, your team, and all attendees remain safe throughout the entire event.

For years, Pikes Peak Security has been providing unprecedented security services for all types of events in Denver, Colorado. We’ve handled the security needs of everything from company holiday parties to music festivals. No matter how small or large your Denver event is, our team of event security guards will create and maintain a safe and secure environment.

The picture shows two security guards in yellow jackets keeping a large crowd from entering an event.

Protect Your Denver Event With Pikes Peak Security

As security experts, Pikes Peak Security knows that every event is different and requires its own security strategy. To make sure our security officers can assist you with all of your security needs, they go through a minimum of 100 additional hours of security training annually and constantly practice their CPR and first aid skills. 

Whether an attendee needs medical attention or there’s a group of kids trying to trespass, our trained Denver security officers are equipped to handle any situation. We handle all of the security demands of your event so you can focus on other event logistics and have a chance to enjoy yourself. 

The image shows the back of a security guard wearing a black jacket and a hat and on the jacket in large, white letters is the word "Security".

Denver Event Security Options


One of the biggest reasons why Denver companies choose to hire Pikes Peak Security for their events is because they want to make sure there’s a secure entrance. Our Denver security guards will make sure that only invited guests can enter and will also conduct thorough bag and body checks to reduce the possibility of security breaches occurring inside.

Crowd Control

Pikes Peak Security is also able to provide your Denver event with top-notch crowd control services. As an event organizer, one of the biggest factors you have to worry about is a crowd becoming too large or rowdy that it becomes an unsafe environment. Our security guards will help move along foot traffic and will make sure that individuals remain respectful of one another.

Our Denver Security Guards Are Prepared To Protect Your Event

As the top security company in Denver, Colorado, Pikes Peak Security has had the privilege of protecting all types of events in the area. Whether your Denver event is inside or outside, large or small, private or public, has performances or not, we’re equipped to make sure your event is expertly secured and goes off without a hitch. Some of the types of events our security guards are equipped to handle include:

  • Concerts at Ogden Theatre
  • Rodeos at National Western Stock Show
  • Colorado Rockies games
  • Grand Openings 
  • Parties  
  • Conventions 
  • Public Holiday Celebrations
  • Church Services 
  • Political Rallies 
  • Fundraisers 
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Art Expositions at the Denver Art Museum

Ensure Your Denver Event Is Secure With Pikes Peak Security

As a veteran-owned-and-operated security company, Pikes Peak Security’s top priority is keeping your event and those in attendance safe. If needed, our security team is more than happy to create a security strategy with Denver city officials to meet all of your security needs. Whether you’re hosting a private dinner party or putting together a three-day-long festival, our security team has the experience and education necessary to make sure your event is as safe as possible. If you’d like to learn more about how Pikes Peak Security can protect your Denver event, then make sure to contact us today!