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Why You Need Event Security Services at Your Next Event

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


Hiring security officers isn’t just for huge events like concerts. Many venues are starting to open back up this spring and summer after a long year of being shut down, and already, we are seeing an increase in church events, weddings and family reunions, small concerts and festivals, grand openings or restaurant pop-ups, and more. As people are congregating together in bigger groups again, event security is an important consideration for every gathering. Whether your event is large or small, hiring event security keeps your guests and staff safe.

At Pikes Peak Security, we want you to stay safe at all of your summer events in Colorado Springs and beyond. Providing event security is one of the best ways to ensure a safe, smooth event. Hiring event security services means you can relax knowing everyone attending your event is in good hands.

What Does an Event Security Officer Do?

Security officers are trained to handle a number of situations that might occur at any event. Whether your event lasts a few hours, a few days, or even several weeks, security officers can develop a customized plan that can address your unique security needs. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a security guard or team at your next event:

Crowd Control

Even though events might generally have fewer attendees right now, crowd control is still an important part of hosting an event. Parties can get disorderly if there is no crowd management available. Security officers can offer crowd control by doing the following:

Prevent guests from straying into off-limits areas

Ask guests to move if they’re blocking any exits Monitor registration and other lines and prevent people from cutting

High Profile Guest Security

Perhaps you have an important guest attending your event, and protecting them is your responsibility. Hiring a security officer to ensure your guest remains safe is essential. Having security guards at the entry and exit points means you can stop any undesired or armed people from getting into your event. They can also ensure no unwanted people get too close to your high profile guest.

Security Breach

Without guards on the premises, intruders and unwanted people can take advantage of an event. Security officers can monitor the entry and exit points, check bags, and keep a close eye on the details of your event. They can speak with other staff members and ensure there is a good line of communication, should anyone try to sneak in or cause trouble at your event.

Troublesome Guests

Angry guests can cause a bigger issue than you might think. Security officers can help enforce any policies such as wearing masks, occupancy compliance, carrying weapons, and more. If a guest becomes troublesome, security guards are trained in de-escalation practices and can handle the situation calmly and professionally.

Emergency Situations

Unforeseen situations do happen, and there are some things you can’t control–like a fire or sudden accident occurring. It’s important to think ahead and prepare for your guests’ safety while they are attending your event. Security guards are trained to handle emergency situations and can even help you put together an emergency plan, including:

  • How to efficiently evacuate the event
  • Preparedness in the case of an active shooter
  • Locations of safe areas
  • How to direct guests during an emergency
  • Signage and notifications for guests
  • Where staff should meet during an emergency

Keep Your Event Safe | Pikes Peak Security

Hiring a security guard for your event is the best way to keep your guests and staff safe, no matter what might come your way. Even with the best laid plans, any public event runs the risk of something going wrong. Our founders believe education and experience are the cornerstone to safety, so Pikes Peak Security officers are trained in de-escalation tactics, the latest firearm procedures, first aid, soft skills, and more.

From concerts to grand openings, consider Pikes Peak Security to take care of the safety of your event. Our officers are ready to handle whatever comes their way and ensure the safety of your staff and your guests. Contact us today about securing your upcoming event!