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How to Prevent Workplace Violence

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

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Every day, people are victims of violence at work. It is up to us as a boss, colleague, or associate to make sure that each and every person feels safe in their workplace environment. At Pikes Peak Security, the safety of you and your fellow workers is our top priority. Our highly trained security team puts in the work to ensure that while you are succeeding in your career, you stay protected. Our security services have been implemented throughout Colorado Springs and have made the difference between threat and safety for hundreds of workers.  

While having onsite security is imperative to workplace safety, protection starts with educating individuals on how to prevent workplace violence. By learning and implementing these crucial safety procedures, you can take part in protecting yourself and your colleagues.  

Types Of Workplace Violence

Before you can begin proactively working against workplace violence, you must first learn what it looks like. There are four major types of workplace violence to be aware of: 

  • Robbery or burglary violence: This type of violence is directed towards the stealing of money or valuable items from a company. This threat to safety can cause an extremely dangerous situation, especially if the offenders are armed with weapons. 
  • Customer and employee violence: An altercation between a customer and employee oftentimes stems from a tense conversation that quickly turns into an emergency situation when physical harm is done. 
  • Employee and employee violence: These situations can arise from long-standing tension or due to the firing of an employee. This is what’s most often thought of when discussing workplace violence. 
  • Personal relationship violence: When an employee is the victim of domestic abuse, their abuser may attempt to harm them in the workplace. It’s important that any and all forms of violence are prevented, even the kind that originate outside the workplace.  

Complete Background Checks Before Hiring

The first step to preventing workplace violence is to stop threats before they can even happen. You can do this by implementing a detailed safety process when hiring a new employee. Background checks and contacting past employers will reveal if a person has a violent history.  

Implement a Workplace Violence Policy

Taking a strong stance on workplace violence is an essential step to prevention.  A clear workplace violence policy will not only ensure that employees follow the rules in place, but also that if any violence does occur, those affected will know what to do. It is ideal to also create a disciplinary plan of action for when a violent threat or action occurs; this is important so that after safety measures have been taken, the offender can swiftly be dealt with. Making sure that the policy and associated discipline is communicatedoften through training will help create an overall safer work environment.   

Offer Support

Upholding a safe work environment can only be achieved when workers feel comfortable having open and honest communication with those in the position of power. Offering support through empathy and respect will allow employees to share if they feel uncomfortable with another employee, or suspect an action of violence could possibly or has already taken place.  

Utilize Workplace Violence Training

Incorporate regular safety training into your company so that your employees will be equipped with the needed skills to properly react if a violent incident happens. Whether it’s how to respond to robbery or self defense training, make sure your employees are empowered to handle a threat until help can arrive.

Hire Workplace Security

Having trained professionals at your workplace will ensure that any threat to safety will be swiftly dealt with. Security guards have been known to ease employee stress and eradicate workplace violence. From preventing robberies to deescalating employee conflict, onsite security will take away the worry of workplace violence.

Create a Safe Workplace with Pikes Peak Security

At Pikes Peak Security, excellence is in everything we do, including keeping your workplace secure. Our committed team of safety experts will implement their years of training and experience to create a detailed safety plan for your company. Give your employees peace of mind so that they can succeed in a safe environment with our workplace violence protection services. Contact us today to get started.