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7 Reasons to Hire A Personal Security Guard

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

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Dangerous situations can arise seemingly out of nowhere. Having high-quality, expert security services at your side can be the difference between a tense encounter escalating into an emergency or a controlled situation being resolved. At Pikes Peak Security, we understand that certain situations or titles put you at risk, which is why we are committed to your safety. Our team of professional security officers has the experience and training to protect you as your personal security guard. 

Many things can compromise your feeling of safety, whether it’s because of a high-risk position or a tremulous personal relationship, feeling unsafe can deeply impact your life. While hiring a personal security guard may seem like something only done in movies, they are the solution to restoring your sense of security. If you are wondering if a personal security guard is an answer for you, here are some reasons you might hire one: 

1. Political Running

If you are running for a political position, whether local or at a national level, there are going to be people who disagree with your standing. While there are only a few who take it to extremes, it’s important to remember that in America’s tense political atmosphere, there are some who are willing to make their views known through violence. Hiring a personal security guard will ensure that your campaigning can be done safely.   

2. Executive Position

If you hold a high-ranking position in your company, then protecting yourself should be a priority. People may target you for your financial wealth or in an attempt to sabotage your success. Having a personal security guard or a security officer located in your place of employment will uphold a secure environment for yourself and your employees.  

3. High-Risk Employee Termination

Having to let someone go is never easy, especially when emotions run high. Disgruntled employees can turn violent during termination because of a variety of reasons. Having a security guard present during high-risk employee termination will allow for a safe atmosphere and de-escalation if needed. If you suspect an employee may lash out, pay attention to your intuition. A trained security guard can be the difference between an emergency or a calm parting of ways.  

4. Committed Crime

If someone close to you has committed a crime against another person, they may attempt to find retribution through a violent act directed at you. Hiring a personal security guard can help keep you and your family from paying the price of another person’s actions.   

5. Prestigious Reputation

Whether your reputation follows you locally nationally or worldly, having a trained security expert at your side is ideal. From crowd control to the prevention of violence, a security officer will keep you safe. While most will not have any ill intentions, make sure that as you meet your admirers, a safe atmosphere is upheld.   

6. International Travel

Traveling overseas can leave you without the level of safety you experience in your day-to-day life. Whether you are planning a vacation or need to travel for work, a personal security guard can ensure your safety in foreign territory. You can relax with your family or secure new business deals under the assurance you are being protected from harm.  

7. Domestic Abuse

Abusive personal relationships leave many survivors feeling unsafe, even after they have escaped. Don’t let your security be taken from you another day, a personal security guard will keep you safe as you reclaim your life. While obtaining a restraining order is the first step, ensuring constant protection will make sure your abuser stays out of your life for good. 

Personal Security Guard Cost

Hourly rates for personal security guards can range from $40 to over $100. Factors that affect cost include:

  • Number of guards needed
  • Risk level
  • Experience of guards
  • Unarmed or armed guards
  • Duration of contract

You can expect to pay the highest rate for armed guards with military or law enforcement backgrounds. These guards must complete additional yearly training and provide the highest level of personal security. Not every situation calls for protection from an armed guard, however. To learn more, read our blog on “How Much Does Armed Security Cost?

Security Services With Pikes Peak Security

At Pikes Peak Security, excellence is in everything we do. Our security guards undergo rigorous training to ensure that they can handle any threat to your safety. Whether you are looking for protection during a high-risk employee termination, or want to ensure safety during a campaign event, hiring an experienced Pikes Peak Security guard will guarantee that. Contact us today, your safety is our top priority.