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Navigating a Pandemic: 7 Tips from Security Services in Colorado Springs

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


The spread of the coronavirus pandemic has leaders from all over the world taking drastic yet necessary actions to protect businesses and communities. The provision to stay at home is an example of how leaders are opting to protect the safety of their citizens over maintaining the status quo. But while most industries have been shut down, others have also seen their value rise during these times. Security services in Colorado Springs are in a unique position now because, more than ever, the roles that security personnel play are considered crucial.

If you own or operate a security firm, make sure you know how to successfully navigate the pandemic while maintaining your quality of service.

Planning Tips for Security Firms

Take note of these key steps that security services in Colorado Springs must implement during the time of a pandemic:

  • Manage schedule changes and absentees with proper planning. During the time of a pandemic, you must expect that there will be fluctuations in the availability of your workforce. These changes could also be triggered by a rise in demand, as businesses look to enhance their security measures. Before the peak of the pandemic is reached, it is important to monitor current guard availability to determine if more acquisitions are needed. The ability to provide a steady flow of workforce is one way for firms to maintain client trust.
  • Maintaining a pool of well-trained guards is of the utmost importance. Providing manpower and security personnel are not the endpoint of a security firms’ service. They need to make sure that all personnel are equipped and trained with the necessary skill set at the level the customer expects.
  • Impose proper communication protocols. Proper communication is vital and it is achieved through regular shift briefings. Guards on duty must be made aware of timely updates, especially of new threats and changing client requirements. There is no room for error on this one, or else the business and its customers could be at risk.
  • Proper training should be available for specialized posts. During a pandemic, security guards must be made aware of the potential hostility from people, especially with fear of food shortage (among other things). This makes businesses a potential target for high-risk crimes. Advanced training should be given to guards in specialized posts so they can efficiently handle crowd management and perimeter security to protect client assets.
  • Implement proper remote workforce management. A security supervisor should be tasked to manage and monitor guards at various locations. This is vital to ensure that any immediate issues are addressed promptly.
  • Make sure to have extra personnel ready and on call. As mentioned above, the demand for security personnel will rise. If the demand requires more than the usual manpower, you should have trained personnel available.
  • Prepare for potential issues with billing and payment of security personnel. Be prepared for potential pay inconsistencies and come up with solutions to mitigate them.

Security Services in Colorado Springs You Can Trust

If you are looking to enhance your security measures, turn to Pikes Peak Security. We are recognized as one of Colorado Springs’ top rated security providers delivering over 15 years of experience in the industry. With our expertise, we can use our security knowledge to adjust to your changing needs during a pandemic. Feel free to look at the types of services we can offer your business.

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