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3 Benefits Of Having A Security Guard For Your Gated Community

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

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At Pikes Peak Security, we put your safety first. Our Colorado Springs-based team of professional and experienced security officers has the necessary skills and tools to make sure you are protected against any potentially hazardous situations. As a security company in Colorado Springs, we understand how essential it is to keep you and your community safe. Pikes Peak Security will work tirelessly to ensure that all dangerous situations are avoided and deterred at all costs. Our team puts you and your safety first no matter what. 

Security and safety are always paramount no matter where you live. You should feel safe, protected, and secure in your community no matter what threat may arise. This is especially true regarding gated communities–a community security guard could mean the difference between a dangerous situation being avoided or escalating.  Enlisting expert and high-quality security officers to safeguard your gated community is one of the best ways to ensure this. Not only will hiring a security officer put your mind at ease but will also make the community itself more attractive to potential new residents. There is truly an endless list of reasons to hire a professional security officer for your gated community. With this in mind, our trained and experienced team has assembled three of the most important reasons to invest in security officers for your gated community. 

1. Access Control

Although there are many options to control access to your gated community, more often than not there are numerous flaws with its actual function. For instance, automatic gates provide the image of security but lack the ability to enforce common mishappenings like tailgating. Additionally, the equipment can be damaged easily from misuse and there is limited control regarding unwanted pedestrian access. Hiring a security officer easily solves all of these issues by providing a tangible authoritative figure that can actually enforce and mandate rules. 

2. 24/7 Security  

While it is true that cameras and gates provide protection, they can only do so much. During the night, loiterers, intruders, hazardous situations, and potentially even wildlife can easily go undiscovered. With a gated community security guard, they will be able to provide multiple, random security checks and patrols throughout the night with the human touch that is heavily lacking with security cameras and other equipment. Enlisting the presence of a security guard will ensure your absolute safety at night, making your community that much more secure. 

3. Be Prepared For Anything

Not only will the presence of a security guard reduce potential crimes and wrongdoings but they will also be expertly trained in how to respond and deescalate emergency situations. These individuals are highly educated on issues like natural disaster responses, car accidents, medical emergencies, robberies, and more. They are capable of assisting with tasks as little as performing first aid to issues of monstrous proportions like robberies. Above all else, these trained professionals will be able to help prevent and deal with all types of emergencies, ensuring your utmost safety in every aspect possible. 

Prioritize Safety Today With Pikes Peak Security  

Our number one priority at Pikes Peak Security will always be your safety. Our team is highly educated in all the necessary areas to minimize any risk towards your community or potentially harmful situations. Choosing to enlist the professional security services that Pikes Peak Security provides for the Colorado Springs and Denver areas is choosing safety. Ultimately it is the right step for any gated community as having a  professional security guard provides more control over access, night patrols, and an authoritative figure adequately trained in emergency tactics. To ensure safety for your gated community, get in touch with us today and begin the first step towards a secure neighborhood.