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Security Guard Customer Service Responsibilities

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


As a security guard company that proudly serves Denver and Colorado Springs, Pikes Peak Security is committed to providing security services that exude excellence. Our expertly trained security guards are equipped with years of experience protecting others, making one the best security companies in the industry. Through a variety of services, we work hard to uphold safety at all times. Whether it be at an event or a storefront, safety is always our top priority. Over the years, we have found that an essential aspect of ensuring safety is offering excellent customer service.  

As on-site security guards, in order to efficiently carry out our jobs, we must also know how to provide unprecedented customer service. An important part of successfully upholding safety is being approachable and friendly to those who may need a helping hand. If you are wondering what types of customer service responsibilities security guards are tasked with, our knowledgeable team has created a list to help you. 

1. Greeting Customers 

A security guard is often stationed near the entry of your business, not only for security reasons, but also to provide a warm welcome for your customers. As the first point of contact, a security guard should welcome your customers with a friendly greeting that will leave your customers feeling welcomed and comfortable. Additionally, a security guard making their presence known immediately will limit any potential security threat and will make your customers aware they have a resource for help if needed.  

2. Making A Good First Impression 

A security guard will often be the first interaction your customers have with your business. That means they have the responsibility of making a great first impression.  Having visible on-site security will show your clientele that their safety is a priority to you, and they’ll feel protected while visiting your business. 

3. Communicating Clearly  

An important skill needed to become a security guard is the ability to clearly communicate. In times of crisis, a security guard must be able to instruct those around them, and communicate with other on-site security to develop a plan of action. Additionally, being able to clearly communicate means that a security guard will be able to provide proficient customer service to those visiting your business. Whether it be answering questions or explaining safety protocols, a security guard will assist in making your customers feel at ease. 

4. Assisting Customers 

When an on-site security guard consistently protects your business, they will make it a priority to learn about your company and the services or products offered. Not only will this help them better understand the unique security needs of your business, but also better understand your customer base. A security guard should always make it a priority to be a helping hand when possible, whether that be to give someone directions or provide safety in a time of crisis. A security guard will always be a trustworthy source of help to your customers. 

5. Upholding A Safe Environment  

In order to guarantee your customers have a pleasant experience, a security officer’s top priority will always be to uphold a safe environment. A security guard’s responsibility is not only to protect the property, but also to make sure your customers and employees are safe at all times. They will do this by enforcing any safety protocols in place, as well as utilize the safety training they have received. 

Get The Security You Deserve With Pikes Peak Security 

At Pikes Peak Security, our security officers receive continual training to ensure they are able to excellently provide safety and exceptional customer service to your customers. From de-escalation training to top-of-the-line interpersonal communication skills, our security guards are equipped to handle all of your security needs. Having a Pikes Peak Security guard at your business means your customers will have access to exceptional security and customer service. Contact us today to enhance your customer’s experience at your business