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Why Does Your Bar Need Security?

Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

Why does your bar need security?

You’ve probably seen a few bar fights if you’ve been in the hospitality industry long enough. People who come out to have a good time can become combative after too many Old Fashioneds. In a crowded bar, arguments can start over something as small as someone bumping into another guest or taking their seat while they’re in the bathroom. Therefore, your bar needs professional security to protect your employees and other guests from a bad situation.

As a veteran-owned security company, Pikes Peak Security is committed to providing the highest level of safety and professionalism to your guests and employees as a veteran-owned security company. We want to support your bar’s efforts to provide excellent hospitality by ensuring guests can relax and have a good time. The presence of professional security guards is often enough to prevent a situation from escalating, and we provide ongoing training to our guards so that they’re ready for anything.

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What Does a Bar Security Guard Do?

Depending on the layout of your bar, you may have guards stationed at the entrances or patrolling the bar and parking lot. But, ultimately, bar security guards and bouncers are there to support your servers and bartenders and provide the following services:

Prevent Underage Drinking

If you station security guards at your bar’s entrances, they can check IDs as guests arrive. Since many security guards are former law enforcement officers, they are adept at spotting fake IDs and can prevent underage individuals from making it into the bar. Removing this responsibility from your bartenders allows them to focus on providing excellent service. In addition, sometimes, the presence of security can deter minors from attempting to order alcohol.

Enforce Establishment Rules

Security guards can also support your staff by enforcing establishment rules, such as a one-drink-at-a-time policy. Servers and bartenders shouldn’t have to constantly monitor rowdy guests when they have other tables to take care of. 

Ensure Guest Safety

Security guards patrolling inside and outside your bar deter attempts to sexually or physically assault your guests. Having a security team to escort groups to their cars and de-escalate conflict will inspire your guests’ confidence. It may even make your bar their go-to weekend hang.

Managing Access

In addition to preventing access to minors, having a security guard at your entrance can keep out individuals who have already had too much to drink or have been banned from your bar. Over-serving guests can be a huge liability to bars and restaurants, so having an extra person to screen for intoxicated individuals is a great way to protect your employees and your liquor license.

De-escalation and Handling Dangerous Situations

Though having a security guard on-site is enough to deter most people from committing violence, professional security guards have the training to de-escalate a situation or restrain someone if necessary.

In-House Security Vs. Contract Security

We’ve covered the benefits of hiring professional security for your bar, but is it better to hire an in-house bouncer or contract out to a security company? Of course, each has pros and cons, but going through a reputable security company can save you money on payroll and employee benefits. 

When you work with a contracting company, they are responsible for finding high-quality security guards, managing them, and ensuring that they have the appropriate training. This can be a huge help if you don’t have anyone in your business with the background to train new security guards. Even if you hire a security company, however, you should still take the time to give your security team feedback on occasion to ensure the best working relationship.

Security Bouncers for Hire at Pikes Peak Security

If you are ready to invest in the safety and peace of mind of your bar employees and guests, hire a security guard or bouncer through Pikes Peak Security. At Pikes Peak Security, we hire the best security guards in Colorado Springs. All of our employees are either veterans or former law enforcement, so you can be confident that they will keep your people safe, even if it means putting themselves at risk. Contact us today for more information or to hire us for your bar security needs.