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4 Types of Professional Security Services in Colorado Springs

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


In 2016, the FBI reported 412,743 burglaries from nonresidential properties. That’s a 2.6% increase from last year’s report. This goes to show that business security is more important than ever. Burglaries will not just ruin your business’ day to day operations; it can also destroy your investments. Similarly, a data breach can compromise your business’ reputation, which could be extremely costly.

Security Services Offerings in Colorado Springs

Fortunately, more and more businesses understand the importance of security. With the help of state-of-the-art security systems, affordable technology, and good old-fashioned security practices, you can keep your business and all your investments safe 24/7.

But what are the different types of security that can benefit your business? Here’s what many security services in Colorado Springs suggest.

Control System Access

The access control system allows you to ensure that only authorized personnel (employee, staff, etc.) can enter certain areas in your establishment. This also ensures that your business opens and closes at the scheduled time.

When activated, the system produces a loud siren when an unauthorized person tries to enter your establishment. You can also set the alarm if someone tries to enter before or after your operating hours.

Skilled and Reliable Security Guards

Sometimes, the oldest trick in the book still does the trick. When it comes to securing your business property, the old practice of hiring security guards is still one of the best solutions. This is why security personnel is widely used by large organizations.

Peak security, for example, provides a wide range of security services with their personnel, such as patrolling and keeping eye on suspicious behavior of people within and near the vicinity of the business’ premises. Security guards can also answer queries from visitors, direct them inside the establishment.

Many security companies also offer different types of security services. Pikes Peak Security LLC, for example, goes through special rigorous training regularly to deal with special situations where a normal person would generally panic. They are calm and quick to respond in an emergency, be it a crisis or criminal situation.

Modern Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems provide a watchful eye for your business and all premises 24/7 with the help of CCTV cameras. Most security services in Colorado Springs offer this type of service, and more and more companies are implementing this system. These cameras are installed in strategic locations to monitor important areas in your establishment.

This can be done particularly in areas physical security may miss out. The cameras record everything, even after the business’ operating hours. The footage is also closely and regularly monitored by security personnel.

Tough Automobile Security

This service is about providing people with advanced technological products to ensure the security of their vehicles. This system usually includes GPS tracking devices. This needs to be done to track the location of the vehicle should it be stolen or used by unauthorized persons.

Many automobile security service companies can also notify the police or call an ambulance should the driver need them. This is an excellent addition to your logistics and freight. This is a good plus for business companies, as insurance companies provide discounts for vehicles with security systems.

Hire Us for Security Services in Colorado Springs

When it comes to your business’ security needs, we have you covered! At Pikes Peak Security, we provide all types of security that you need – from events, on-site, residential, and commercial.

Check out our comprehensive list of services to find one that suits your needs. You can see our team in action in our gallery so you can get a sneak peek into what we do. For questions, email founder@pikespeaksecurity.com or call us at (719) 434-7701.