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Robbery Prevention Tips for Businesses

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


Every single brick-and-mortar business has some degree of robbery risk. A local business owner can take steps to reduce that risk. There are many different ways to prevent larceny and most of them are preemptive. Being proactive in your approach helps prepare you, your business, and your staff for future, unforeseen situations.

Pikes Peak Security is dedicated to helping businesses protect their property and employees. We provide security education resources and elite security services in Colorado Springs for local businesses. Reduce your risk today and explore these solutions for robberies.

Hire Professional Security Guard Services

One of the most effective crime deterrents is professional guard security. For most robberies, the target location is scoped out by the perpetrators before the crime is committed. If they notice an abundance of security measures including 24/7 on-site guards, this highly reduces the likelihood of theft. Crimes like larceny and burglaries are ones of opportunity; the harder the situation, the potential gain becomes less valuable.

Have a Robbery Action Plan

Like most sudden events in life, theft is often unexpected and surprising. When put in stressful situations, some people sometimes lose the ability to act rationality. Prepare your staff with a comprehensive robbery action plan and practice it. This strategy should include a list of straightforward procedures to follow. The simpler the plan, the better. The main priority of any safety plan needs to put employee safety above all else.

Get a Security Threat Assessment

Knowing your business’s weak points is critical when taking steps to reduce risk. To understand and locate these various points, you need to consider a few different factors such as location, layout, and opportunity. Each of these key features contributes to a business’s vulnerability. Taking the appropriate steps to address all of the weak points substantially decreases the likelihood of a robbery.

Complete Self Defense Training

Preparing yourself and your employees for escalating situations, including robberies, is an excellent way to secure the workspace. Self-defense training comes in many forms such as hand-to-hand combat, de-escalation, and basic firearms training. The type of business you operate affects what self-defense options are best for your employees. In conjunction with a robbery action plan, prepared staff members will know exactly how to handle an emergency quickly and professionally.

Comprehensive Robbery Prevention Solutions | Pikes Peak Security

Let Pikes Peak Security protect your assets. As a Colorado security agency, all of our officers have completed security guard license training and are equipped to handle robberies and other workplace violence. In addition to on-site security, we also provide advanced medical certification, comprehensive pistol training courses, and security threat assessments. Control your business’ risk and hire Pikes Peak Security today.