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Places You Might Work As A Security Officer

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


Are you interested in becoming a security officer? You might wonder what your training and education entails, and where you’ll end up working. At Pikes Peak Security, we provide security services for businesses, for HOAs, and for events. Our trained guards are prepared to serve wherever needed through our traditional security services, our specialized protection services, and our high-risk employee termination services. As a security officer, you will have the opportunity to work in many types of environments, including:

1. Residential Buildings

Residential buildings can be a hotspot for burglars. While it is beneficial for every homeowner to keep their home safe with their own safety measures, HOAs often decide to hire a security officer to patrol the neighborhood, adding another layer of security for residents. Security officers can look for suspicious activity and take necessary actions to prevent crime in a neighborhood. As a security officer, you will use your skills to patrol the area and ensure residents are safe and secure.

2. Office Buildings

In an office building, security officers not only protect staff, but visitors and customers as well. Intruders may try to invade an office to steal information or other valuables–as a security officer, your duty would be to prioritize everyone’s safety and establish peace during a hostile event. Many office buildings hire security officers to ensure the peace of mind of both employees and employers.

As a security officer, you may also be called upon to protect individuals during a high-risk employee termination. Threats, or even acts of violence, can occur once someone realizes they’re being fired. It will be your duty, as a security officer, to ensure the former employee leaves peacefully and that all other employees remain safe during the process.

3. Banks

Having on-site security is extremely important for financial institutions. People’s money needs to be protected, and a security officer can ensure that happens. Banks hire security officers to deter potential thieves, and to protect employees and customers in the event of a robbery. Banks are one of the many places you could work as a security officer.

4. Commercial Parking Lots

Many commercial parking lots are secluded and located in areas with minimal activity. Vandals and burglars are attracted to places like this because the risk of being caught is significantly lower than in other areas. If you are patrolling a commercial parking lot as a security officer, you will continuously canvas the area looking for suspicious people or behaviors. Thieves might be looking to steal expensive cars parked in the lot, or to steal car parts that can cause serious loss for the vehicle owner. As a security officer, your priority will be to question anyone you find suspicious.

5. Construction Sites

Construction and unfinished building sites generally have fences around them to protect the workers and equipment. Especially after everyone goes home for the day, having added security measures is important. Construction sites might have expensive equipment, valuable building materials, and tools at the site with no one to protect them. If you are a security officer patrolling and securing a construction site, your responsibility will be to ensure the tools and equipment are protected. You will also be responsible for making sure that no unauthorized people enter the site.

6. Events

An event can encompass anything from a corporate lunch to a week-long festival, and anything in between. As an event security officer, your responsibilities may range from making sure only approved guests are granted entrance to protecting any high-profile individuals who might be at the event.

Whether working alone or with a team of officers, you may also be required to meet with an event planner ahead of time and identify potential security risks. By mapping out a plan before the event, you will be prepared for any situation. Security officers also have the ability to work with city officials before an important event in order to create a secure plan. Your presence at an event as a security officer will offer comfort and peace of mind to the event organizers and the guests.

Security Services With Pikes Peak Security

Pikes Peak Security is proud to provide premier security services to the communities of southern Colorado. As a veteran-owned-and-operated business, we strive to ensure excellence in everything we do. Our local and professional security officers undergo 100 hours of rigorous training every year, ensuring they’re ready to handle any security situation. If you are interested in becoming a security officer and want to learn more about what being a part of the Pikes Peak Security team entails, contact us today!