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How to Protect Your Home from Break-Ins

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


Your home is your safe place. Or, it feels like it, until the unexpected happens and you experience a break-in. More than 3 million burglaries happen every year in the US, especially around the holidays, making home security a huge priority for many members of the community. Making your house secure is one of the best ways to protect your safe space and create a peaceful environment at home. We at Pikes Peak Security understand how crucial it is to have a safe home in Colorado. We know you want to keep your family safe. Here are 10 ways you can protect your house from break-ins.

1. Keep Your Doors Secure

Did you know over a third of burglars walk in through the front door? You can inspect all of your exterior doors to make sure the frames are strong, and the hinges are protected. If you’ve moved into a house someone else called ‘home’ before you, change the locks on your doors. This is a great opportunity to ensure your locks are all upgraded and you’ve got the best on the market.

2. Make Sure Your Windows are Locked

It’s important to keep your windows secure, too. Walk around the house every night and check all the locks, making sure everything is secure before you go to bed. You can reinforce the glass with window security film, and install window or glass break sensors. For added security, plant prickly bushes under your first-floor windows.

3. Stow Expensive Items in the Garage

It might feel like a hassle to bring the barbecue out every time you’d like to use it. Leaving it out, however, makes it an easy target for thieves. Grills aren’t the only things that need to be kept safe from prying eyes–keeping your bikes securely in the garage means protecting them from potential burglars looking for something easy to grab.

4. Install Outdoor Lights

Motion-sensing lights are a great theft deterrent. You can invest in outdoor lights around the perimeter of your house to keep any potential burglars at bay. No one wants to break into a house when there’s a spotlight shining down on them.

5. Keep Your Wi-Fi Locked Down

Your wireless network at home can be a doorway to your personal information. It can also make your home vulnerable, especially if you use home automation. You can secure your wireless router, as well as renaming and hiding your home network. If your wi-fi network is connected to smart home security systems and gadgets, criminals could have direct access to your home. Most importantly, make sure all of your passwords are strong with a random password generator.

6. Add Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras are invaluable. Nobody wants to break in with a security camera staring them in the face. You can install security cameras at all major entrances to your home–the front and back doors, garage door, etc. If you choose a security camera paired with a mobile app, you can see footage in real time and safely store it if you ever need to take it to the police.

7. Secure Your Car

Cars should be kept in the garage, if there is a space for them. If not, park your car in a well-lit area and always keep it locked. Unlocked cars are some of the easiest possible targets, so keep your car safe. Make sure your valuables like cell phones, garage door openers, purses, and GPS devices are all brought inside your home with you.

8. Keep Shrubbery and Trees Trimmed

The last thing you want is to make it easier for burglars to sneak around your home. You can eliminate a thief’s options for hiding spots outside by integrating routine lawn upkeep. If you have a two-story home, prune your trees to prevent a burglar from breaking in through an upstairs window. When you keep your lawn, shrubs, and trees trimmed, you will also signal to potential thieves that you’re home and the house is protected.

9. Check the Mail

There’s nothing that says “I’m not home” like stacked up mail. If you’re going on a trip, you can ask a trusted neighbor or ask the local post office to hold your mail while you’re away. Your neighbors may be able to help even with collecting newspapers and taking in empty trash cans. This will help you ward off potential thieves or mail poachers.

10. Safely Store your Spare Key

You should never store a spare key where a burglar might find it–like under a rock, beneath a flower pot, or under your rug on the front porch. If you’re looking for a place to store your spare key that isn’t overt, try keeping it in a lockbox in a discreet area on your property. If you’re going out of town, simply give your spare key directly to your neighbor or friend who will be watching over your home while you’re gone.

Stay Safe with Pikes Peak Security

There are many ways to keep your home and neighborhood safe. While individual home protection is important, neighborhood security is also a great way to ensure your community is protected. As the best security in Colorado, Pikes Peak Security can bring a formidable element of experience to your neighborhood security concerns. We can create a customized plan for you and your neighborhood so that you feel safe. Contact us today so we can get started keeping your neighborhood–and your home–protected.