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Employee Termination Security

Firing an employee is a difficult decision to make but, when the time comes, it is necessary. Some workers may not be delivering on their job requirements or are simply deviating the business from its proper course. Regardless of the causation, the situation will be tense. Emotions will run high, and the conclusion can range from peaceful to disastrous. Prepare your workspace for any outcome with the professionally trained security guards at Pikes Peak Security.

Security Guard Termination

When is Employment Termination Security Necessary?

Getting fired is a difficult life change. Different people will have different reactions to being terminated. When someone loses their job, it can negatively affect them and their judgment. By hiring a professional security guard, you are preparing your business for any type of response. Even if the employee in question has no history of violence, the stress of the situation may cause them to act irrationally. Take initiative and hire a Pikes Peak Security security officer to streamline the termination process and prevent dangerous outcomes.


Pikes Peak Security Employee Termination Process

When going through with a termination, it is important to have plans in place before, during, and after the firing. Pikes Peak Security will work in tandem with your employee termination checklist to guarantee a smooth transition. Being proactive in the planning process help negate any unforeseen circumstances.


On the day of, one of Pikes Peak Security’s professional security guards will arrive on-site prior to the termination. At this point, they will work with you to discuss any of the concerns you have. This could include worries of potentially destroyed property, theft, or assault. Securing and understanding your business’ unique security risks allows our guards to be prepared. In addition, if the employee being terminated is known to be hostile, the presence of a trained security


With a clearly established security presence, the likelihood of retaliation decreases. Our on-site security officer will be present in the room during the process. After the situation has concluded, the worker shall be escorted off the premises with their belongings. This will deter any harmful or destructive actions. If the worst-case scenario does occur, our high-quality security guards will implement their basic firearms, basic first aid procedures, and comprehensive de-escalation training to resolve the situation.


Even with on-site security present during the termination, this does not inherently prevent future escalations. The employee may return later to steal equipment, damage property, or attempt to harm other workers. Pikes Peak Security recommends maintaining on-site security for at least two to four weeks after the dismissal. For employees that are known to be violent or aggressive, a longer security presence may be needed. If you are worried about any retaliation, a 24/7 detail of on-site security guards will be the best option for your business.

Benefits of Security for Employee Termination

Taking the appropriate security measures when laying off an employee guarantees a desirable outcome for your business. Hiring the Pikes Peak Security team for an employee termination provides the following benefits to your workplace:

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    Active violence prevention

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    Proactive situational preparedness

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    Around-the-clock vigilance

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    Dynamic employee safety plans

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    Professional employee removal

Protect Your Workspace with Pikes Peak Security

Whether you need protection four hours from now or tomorrow, Pikes Peak Security can provide comprehensive security coverage within two hours of signing your contract. Our team will work with your established employee termination procedure for a smooth end result. If you do not have a checklist already in place, we will help you develop one customized to your business’ needs. Choose the high-quality and professional choice for your next employee termination; contact Pikes Peak Security today.