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Pikes Peak Security is honored to be made up of exceptional employees that help us stand out from other security companies in Colorado Springs. We prioritize our employees’ education and have them enroll in continuous training. This includes advanced firearm training, intricate life-saving courses and handcuff techniques.

In order to provide you the best security service possible, we focus on hiring individuals who are veterans, law enforcement professionals or have a background in security. One of our founding principles was creating a security organization that prioritizes the safety of the community while creating a higher standard for the security industry.

Pikes Peak Security takes pride in the outstanding employees of our organization that have helped protect and serve the Colorado Springs community. We believe in highlighting employees who have taken the extra step to provide exceptional customer service. Each month, we’ll feature one of our employees and the ways in which they went above and beyond for the Colorado Springs community.


Devonte Miller

October 2021 Employee of the Month

Devonte Miller was born in Springfield IL. After graduating High School, he worked as a landscaper while waiting to enlist in the U.S Army. After enlisting in the Army, Devonte held many positions to include: Rifleman, Automatic Rifleman, Assistant Gunner, Gunner, Grenadier, Radio telecommunications Operator, Heavy Vehicle Driver, Team Leader, Squad Leader, and Scout Section Leader. His military special assignments included: Operation Freedom Sentinel 2018. Certifications while in the Army included, Combat Life Saver, and Range Safety Officer.

Devonte left the Army after serving 8 years honorably. He currently works for Pikes Peak Security as an armed security guard and delivers for DoorDash in his free time. His Special interests are all active outdoor activities and spending time in the gym.

Since being hired, Devonte has proven to be an outstanding guard. Always punctual to his shifts and is always willing to take on any new assignments when they present themselves. Consistently maintains a very professional demeanor and appearance while on shift, ensuring he provides the best service possible. Devonte’s positive attitude toward his work and goals, makes him a great asset to the team.

Richard Weeks

September 2021 Employee of the Month

Richard Weeks was born and raised in Columbus, Mississippi “The City That Has It All.” Richard’s love of people and desire to serve his community lead him to the security field. He has served as a Corrections officer at an adult detention center and later moved on to the city police department as a Patrolman for the City of Columbus. Richard, his wife, Patricia, and their daughter have called Colorado Springs home for the past several months. They have discovered their love for the abundant outdoor activities the state has to offer, especially hiking and mountain biking. Richard is looking forward to fishing as soon as he finds the right fishing reels.

Richard has been part of the Pikes Peak Security team since July 2021. His ability to be flexible and available for last minute shift changes make him an asset to PPS. His attention to detail and diligent report writing skills require little to no follow-up. Richard is a favorite of our vendors for providing friendly and courteous services. Pikes Peak Security is very proud to have a distinguished guard like Richard on our team.

Cassandra Arndt

August 2021 Employee of the Month

Cassandra, (Cassie), was born and raised in the small town of Bremen, Indiana, which is about 2 ½. hours away from Chicago. After graduating from High School, she attended Oakland City University in Indiana obtaining her Associates degree in Criminal Justice in 2014. Cassie has worked as an Operations Counselor at the Cheyenne Mountain Re-Entry Center, Security Officer for G4S, Mental Health Technician for Peak View Behavioral Health, CNA for Penrose St Francis Hospital, Security Guard for Eclipse Security, and currently works part time as a Mental Health Specialist at Cedar Springs Behavioral Hospital.

Since coming onboard at Pikes Peak Security in March 2021, Cassie has had a great attitude. She is always respectful and professional when dealing with customers and her co-workers, and ensures she understands her duties and responsibilities prior to taking on any new shifts. Cassie is a team player by being flexible when shifts become open or last-minute shift changes occur. She was most recently praised by Top Leadership at UC Health for her ability to maintain professionalism during stressful times at the site.  Her detailed and timely report writing skills require little to no corrections when submitted. Pikes Peak Security is proud to have a top guard like Cassie on our team.

James Smiechewicz

July 2021 Employee of the Month

James Smiechewicz has worked with Pikes Peak Security since January 2021. Prior to entering the private security industry, Mr. Smiechewicz had a 7-year career in the Army as a 13F Fire Support Specialist.

After his time in the Army, James obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management while also working in the security industry at various establishments in Colorado Springs. In his free time and like many Coloradans, James enjoys the great outdoors.

Even though James has only worked for Pikes Peak Security for 7 months, he has quickly proven himself as a detail oriented, reliable guard who continuously strives to be better. He is consistently personable in his interactions with customers and clients. James is always very aware of his surroundings and submits complete incident reports about, out of the ordinary or suspicious activity. A reliable team member who ensures that all guards are made aware of issues on any site he works through our “pass on” system. James is always on time to his shifts and flexible with little to no notice. He has the ability to make on the spot decisions and provide feedback to his supervisors.

We are honored to have James as part of our team. Let’s congratulate him on this accomplishment!

June Promotions

Kaery Rische, Christopher Maldonado, and Jack Zigler

Congratulations to Kaery Rische, Christopher Maldonado, and Jack Ziggler on their promotion to Security Guard Lead Supervisors.  Security Guard Leads undergo a rigorous process to ensure that they are ready for such a role. They have proven themselves by completing an intense firearms qualification, and by demonstrating their knowledge in Pikes Peak Security’s Training Policy and Procedures.  At Pikes Peak Security, we believe that Great Leaders don’t tell you what to do, they show you how it’s done!

Jack Zigler

May 2021 Employee of the Month

Jack Zigler has worked with Pikes Peak Security since January 2019. Prior to entering the private security industry, Mr. Zigler had a 20-year career in the Army as a Combat Engineer with multiple deployments around the world. Jack is an active NRA Firearms Instructor in Basic Pistol, Basic Rifle, and Personal Protection in the Home. He is constantly taking new courses to improve his skills and his ability to help others improve theirs as well. Jack is not only one of the company’s “Top Shots” but he is also one of the most well-rounded firearms experts. His firearms knowledge has been invaluable during some of our events and expo’s. Jack recently redesigned and reconstructed the company’s clearing barrel to be smaller and lighter for easier transport to different venues. He also created the company’s guide on zip-tying firearms to assist new guards in zip-tying different types of firearms safely. Jack is always happy to share his knowledge and support during any type of training course and event. He regularly exceeds all standards in punctuality and attention-to-detail.

Kevin Messick

April 2021 Employee of the Month

Kevin Messick has worked with Pikes Peak Security since November 2020. Prior to entering the private security industry, Mr. Messick had a 31 ½ year career with the Colorado Department of Corrections where he acquired several specialized skills, such as: Armory Management, Rangemaster, Emergency Management, Special Operation Response Teams, High Risk Transports, Inmate Escapes/Fugitive Recovery and other disciplines. Kevin is an active NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor in Handgun, Shotgun, and AR-15 Patrol Rifle disciplines. He is a certified Glock Armorer, Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15 Armorer, Safariland Riot Control Instructor for Less Lethal Impact, Chemical Munitions and Stingball grenades. Additionally, he is a Defensive Tactics Instructor through the Human Force Resource Group and has also trained fellow corrections officers in Emergency Planning, Situational Awareness, Professionalism, and Customer Service. Mr. Messick has exemplified the PPS standards since day one. He arrives for his shift at least 20-30 minutes early and asks questions. During his on-the-job training, Mr. Messick asked thoughtful questions that had not been asked before. If he has a problem, he thinks of a solution and then talks it over with his supervisors. Mr. Messick has been flexible with his schedule and will take on shifts and swap with other employees whenever he can. He is attentive and responsive to all notifications and changes on sites. He is proactive about informing his peers about issues and changes that occur during his shift. Mr. Messick is well liked by our clients and fellow employees. Several of whom have mentioned to management that he is an asset to the company.

Christopher Nezat

March 2021 Employee of the Month

Christopher Nezat has worked with Pikes Peak Security since June 2020. Prior to entering the private security industry, Mr. Nezat served eight years in the U.S. Army as an Armor Crewman on the M1 Abrams tank which included 3 deployments in the Middle East and Afghanistan. While working for Pikes Peak Security Mr. Nezat has proven to be an asset not only as an armed officer but also as an active instructor in: NRA Firearms in Pistol, Axon Taser, and ASHI First Aid/CPR/AED. Mr. Nezat consistently takes ownership of all security related operations at his posts by helping direct customer flow and enforcing policies while remaining friendly and polite. He displays a great attitude and work ethic. He is attentive and responsive to all notifications and changes. He has proven to be dependable and punctual and does not refrain from suggesting ways to make operations better or identifying changing obstacles. He is respected by our clients and his peers.



Who is Pikes Peak Security?

Pikes Peak Security is a security guard company that focuses on controlled access. We’ve been providing security to the community members of Colorado Springs for over 15 years! We are recognized as a SDVOSB. This means that we are a service-disabled veteran-owned small business. We celebrate being owned and operated by veterans, and continue our passion for protection by serving the community. We offer traditional security guard services, specialized protection services, armed courier services and training services. Whether you are interested in a security threat assessment for your company, or want to hire an executive protection team, our team of experts contains the skills necessary to serve you. With Pikes Peak Security, you can have confidence in a reliable security service that is dedicated to superior service.