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Benefits Of Security Guards

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

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At Pikes Peak Security, we provide traditional security guard services and specialized protection services for the communities on Colorado’s Front Range. From wanting to protect your employees and customers to wanting a security team to monitor your neighborhood, there are a ton of reasons why you may want to hire a professional security guard. If you’ve never hired professional security before and don’t know too much about the industry, keep reading to find out some of the benefits of security guards.

7 Benefits Of Hiring A Security Guard

Professional security guards play an important role in protecting you, your loved ones and your property. Properly trained security guards actively monitor their surroundings so you can go about your day peacefully. No matter the size of your business or event, hiring professional security guard services should be considered a necessity. Some of the benefits of hiring a security guard include:

1. Reduced Workplace Crimes

Hiring a security guard team for your workplace means reduced threat to your property and employees, including vandalism and theft. Security guards are able to identify potential threats and mitigate the situation before it escalates into a bigger problem for you and your company. Having security guards at your business can significantly reduce your chances of becoming a target, because criminals are often deterred from attempting anything once they spot security guards on the premises.

2. Improved Employee Conduct

If you’re having difficulty enforcing certain workplace guidelines or rules, hiring professional security guards may be the perfect solution for you! When workplace misconduct takes place, it usually will cost your company wasted time and money. Having security guards present can help ensure everyone acts professionally and respects the regulations you’ve set forth. If there is any misconduct that takes place, a trained security guard will be able to swiftly address the situation and diffuse any conflicts between employees.

3. Crowd Management

Having professional security guards on-site can help prevent issues that tend to arise when large crowds are present, including mob fights, riots and crowd stampedes. During events such as product releases or concerts, security guards can help individuals remain calm and orderly, and utilize crowd control tactics.

4. Property Surveillance

One of the most popular reasons to hire a security guard is to increase the amount of patrol in your neighborhood. When it comes to protecting properties, security guards can monitor building access, respond to alarms, keep an eye on security cameras and regularly check the surroundings of your property. 

5. Improved Customer Service

When customers visit a business that has security guards, they tend to feel more safe, immediately putting them at ease and improving their overall experience. Customers become aware that you care about them and are taking the necessary precautions to protect them and ensure their safety. Having professional security personnel also expands your team, meaning your customers have additional people at their disposal. For example, even if all of your employees are busy with other customers, an individual will still have someone available to immediately ask for directions to the parking lot instead of having to wait for an employee to be free.

6. Protection During Civil Unrest

Whether it be a strike, protest or riot, having security guards present helps protect you and those around you. Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in riots. During these times, the windows of homes and businesses were broken and some looting took place. In order to ensure safety during a time of rioting or other civil unrest, it’s important to hire the services of professional security guards. 

7. Quick Emergency Response

By having security guards present at your business or property, you won’t have to worry about waiting for law enforcement agencies to arrive in the event of an emergency. Security guards have the education and experience necessary to respond instantly and take necessary actions. This is especially helpful during life-threatening emergencies where every second counts. 

Hire Pikes Peak Security Guards For Optimal Protection

Whatever your security needs are, the security personnel at Pikes Peak Security are equipped with the necessary knowledge and equipment to be able to handle any situation. Whether you just want to improve the overall sense of security in your neighborhood, or you want to have increased security for an upcoming event, we’re able to help you! Hiring professional security guards is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of you and everything you care about, even during a worst-case scenario. If you’re interested in learning more about our security services and the benefits of hiring security guards, please contact us today!