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5 Reasons You Need Security For An Employee Termination

Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.


Firing an employee is rarely a pleasant experience. In most cases, a termination goes over smoothly. However, that is not always true. Escalations can occur and it is the responsibility of management to ensure a tense situation does not turn into an emergency. Hiring security guards for potentially violent employees is an excellent way to ensure the continued safety of a workplace.

The superior quality of training we provide at Pikes Peak Security ensures that all of our personnel are ready for difficult employee terminations. Should you have a hostile individual that will be fired soon, it is good to understand the benefits of having a high-quality security guard present at the termination.

1. Protect Your Employees

Any escalation by a dangerous employee can threaten the mental, emotional, and physical health of your team. A professional security officer can guarantee a safe, calm, and smooth transition from the workplace. To guarantee everyone’s safety, it is always better to prepare for the worst outcome. If your business already has on-site security, you can utilize them for employee termination.

2. Ensure a Peaceful Termination

Having a well-thought-out employee termination procedure is an excellent way to guarantee a situation is resolved amicably. A high priority on your list should be a security presence. Without direct intervention, a security guard automatically acts as a buffer against potentially violent escalations.

3. Guarantee Peace of Mind

Even if a situation does not turn into an emergency, a properly trained security officer can add peace of mind to a tense situation. This is especially true when terminating long-time employees that have a history of angry outbursts. In these situations, other staff members may feel nervous knowing that an irritated coworker will be fired. With the presence of high-quality security personnel, some of this anxiety can be alleviated.

4. Proactively Prevent Future Problems

Even if a problematic employee is fired, it does not mean the situation has been resolved. Some disgruntled ex-employees may return to trespass, steal equipment or damage property. Hiring a security guard company up to a week or more after a difficult termination will help prevent future incidents. If your company currently utilizes on-site security, this will automatically deter potentially destructive behavior.

5. Deescalate a Tense Situation

A successful employee termination process will involve management, the disgruntled employee, and security personnel. High-quality security guards are often cross-trained in both physical and verbal de-escalation skills. Once the termination is complete, the former associate will be escorted out of the building. Workplace violence prevention training is the most important piece of experience a security professional can have.

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As a premier Colorado Springs security company, the personnel at Pikes Peak Security are equipped to handle any type of escalation. The extensive training our guards receive prepares them to de-escalate a situation by implementing both verbal and physical skills. Contact us to guarantee a safe employee termination process today. Learn more about the stringent requirements we have to become a Pikes Peak Security officer.