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5 Reasons Why You Should Become a Security Guard

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Adrian Smith is currently working at Pikes Peak Security as the general and project manager. With previous military experience and enrolling in a business management program, he's continuing to expand and improve his skills and knowledge.

reasons you should become a security guard

Security guards ensure the workplace’s safety, serving as an invaluable asset to individuals, businesses, and communities. With proper training and excellent execution, security guards can step in and be the difference between a tense situation and an emergency. Their responsibilities range from being present to maintaining order to reacting to dangerous situations and more. With the significant responsibilities, a security guard has to bear, becoming a security officer is an enriching career opportunity.

At Pikes Peak Security, we provide quality training and ensure that all of our officers are ready for whatever may happen. If you are thinking about becoming a security guard and serving your community, here are five reasons why you should.

Serving Others is Rewarding

There’s no doubt security officers help people in the workplace. In this role, you will be protecting the people and the property. There are many ways you will be able to do this, including situations like employee termination, residential and HOA security, and large or small event security. Knowing you will be helping others allows you to take pride in your work and leads to satisfaction in your role as a security guard.

There’s Variety Within the Field

Working as a security guard means taking on several different types of roles. Depending on the company and situation, you may be stationary or on patrol. Some positions might require working during the day, while others are night shifts. At Pikes Peak Security, we offer various services ranging from traditional services such as on-site security specialized protection services like employee termination.

Help Deter Crimes

Having security at the workplace is essential, and it means a greater level of safety for the staff and the property. Security guards are the first line of defense, and their presence means that employees will feel safe and able to do their jobs. Professional security guards can mitigate risks like thefts and assaults, and more. Not only do they detect suspicious behavior, but they can also take the proper steps to ensure the situation does not escalate. By becoming a security officer, you can help better your community and keep workplaces safe.

Crisis Training

As a security officer, you will be prepared to handle emergencies such as potential workplace violence that may require first aid, CPR, and AED. We only hire the most qualified of applicants because we care about safety. We provide all our qualified applicants with crisis training to prepare for anything that may come their way. Pikes Peak Security follows a specific curriculum for NRA Classes and the American Safety & Health Institute, and we also offer private instruction for those who need it. All of the training we provide can be valuable for life situations outside of work, whether you encounter a problem needing first aid or firearm experience. Knowing a trained professional is on hand is comforting to those at the workplace.

Be Part of a Team

When you become a security officer with Pikes Peak Security, you are part of our team. We are always looking for qualified officers who would be a good fit for our company. We create an environment of continuous education and growth to achieve and exceed our customers’ expectations. Our team proves we are the best through our attention to detail and invested interest while maintaining an enjoyable atmosphere.

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Pikes Peak Security is a premier security company in Colorado Springs. Our team’s extensive security guard training prepares security students to de-escalate situations by implementing physical and verbal skills, among many other in-depth tactics. Contact us for more information on our hiring process, or read our security guard requirements and fill out an application with us today.